Check! I ran 17 miles this morning. I can now check that off of the list… the run was… fine. Nothing exciting or notable or interesting about it. I went to my mom’s for a family event that ended up going until 12:30am. Now, marathon training has turned me into an old lady and I am constantly exhausted. I mean, in bed by 10 each night can hardly make it through a movie, exhausted. So the 12:30 thing wasn’t super pleasant. It was also embarassing that my parents and their friends could drink me under the table and wanted to party longer than I did. Note to self: stop being lame.

Woke up at 6:45, slammed some coffee and toast and headed out the door. I did a route that had a fair amount of hills (rollers but still hills) and managed to descend by around 3 seconds/mile the entire run. I ran the entire thing with a couple of stops to refill my water bottle and made it back home. It was definitely a long way and for sure a long run, but I felt strong the whole time and had no problems with my feet or lungs. My hydration plan worked out well– 3 S! caps, 2 gu and a ton of water. I had energy the whole time and adding in the salt seems to be taking away the nausea that I’ve been feeling post-long run.

When I came home I jumped in the ice bath and proceeded to scare the heck out of my mom. She kept saying, “I don’t think God made you to do this. You’re so ashy. Why are you sitting in ice? Why are your legs twitching? Why are you so white. Your face is white!” And she was worried! Which was funny because I felt fine. Tired, yes. Glad to be done, but overall, fine. Note to self: hide from mom after bad long runs.

We then went to breakfast and I went to town on some waffles, peanut butter and eggs. Nothing has ever tasted so good, haha. For who knows why, peanut butter is my favorite thing for after a long run. I think I ate half a jar!

This is my first 63 mile week. I’m a little bit excited about it but also nervous. I’ll keep you all posted. I’m sure there’s going to be a ton of eat, sleep, run, repeat šŸ™‚


One response to “Check.

  1. yayyy awesome 17!!

    i am SO an old lady, esp during marathon training. we need our sleep!

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