So much fun I think I’ll do it again!

Last week’s 63 mile adventure went well. So well in fact, that my training program wants me to do it again! Then it’s time for a cutback week. I can’t wait! It’s going to be glorious. Seriously though, I feel good. Mentally and physically I’m in a good place– focused, but not obsessed, striving but not hurting. If I can keep myself here for the duration, that’ll work for me. I’m tired and hungry but those are tiny problems.

This morning’s long run was a little rough. It was hot, I didn’t eat like a rockstar yesterday (or, more accurately, I ate like an actual rockstar) and so my stomach threw a fit. Rather than push it I just called it after 13.5. I’ll make up those miles during the week– no sweat. My legs felt kind of fine, but I just felt really nauseated the entire time. And I’ve had very little appetite all day. It’s probably just the heat.

Friday night there was a 5k in my neighborhood that I opted not to participate in but I found myself with a little bit of “race envy” while I was waiting to go see 500 Days of Summer (go see it! adorable!) so I rode my bike over to watch. It was really neat to see a 5k happen. First of all, the fast peeps in the front are really fast. Second of all, it was fun to see where I would have been in the pack and finally, watching every single person who was out there racing struggle and feel pain made me appreciate that it’s not just me who feels junky when I race! I got all pumped up!

I was also thinking today how glad I am that I’m tackling this marathon with some experience under my belt. I’ve had some tightness in my IT Band and some pains in my foot that are all normal– I get them every training cycle and with proper stretching and strength training they go away. Last year I would have freaked out and run straight to the ART doc, but this year I know exactly what my body needs and how to solve the problem. I’m much more rational and less likely to think the sky is falling and I’m grateful for that.

Time to go log some miles…


One response to “So much fun I think I’ll do it again!

  1. you are amazing…. 63 miles is SO awesome!!! your training is going so great, keep it up girlie!

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