Happily adjusting

So far, this week seems much easier than last. Running twice a day is feeling more normal and I’m not nearly as exhausted, hungry or worn out. And, I’m not sore or achy or anything. Hooray! I’m getting the hang of what I need to be eating and when and being a little more disciplined about drinking lots of water. More water, less coffee.

However, Tuesday’s workout was really grueling. But! I was very excited to do it since it was the first workout I did during the last go around with Jack Daniels in December. Actually, come to think of it, I did it the day before last year’s CIM! Anyway, I was excited to compare my workout to last year’s. On to the deets: It was 2 miles warm up, strides, 2 x 10 minutes at 10k pace with 2 minute rests followed by an hour easy. This workout is deceptive– it’s much harder than it sounds. The 10k paced segments blow your legs and then you get to run for an hour! Plus, in order to get ‘er done I had to start at 5:30 which isn’t SO painful, but it’s not fun, either.

Last time I did this workout, it ruined me. I was exhausted all day, felt funky and was quite sore the next day. It also served as my long run (it’s roughly 12ish miles for me) and I needed 4 days to recover. On Tuesday, not so much. This time I did the workout with 25 miles already on my legs for the week, 2 days after a long run, I did strength training including a ton of lunges Monday night, and have another quality workout and quite a few more miles still to go. And! I was about 15 seconds/mile faster during the 10k segments and 30 seconds/mile faster on the easy part. Although, that’s probably not something to brag about as I should have dialed it back a bit.

Overall, I felt pretty good. I had to stop at Starbucks halfway through to get water (God bless the fine people in the green aprons) and the last 30 minutes were a grind despite being at easy pace but I never felt bad. Just like I was working hard. Which is perfect.

Anyway, this was a huge confidence booster for me. I’ve wondered if I am actually in better shape this go around and it seems like the answer is yes. Awesome! I have to constantly remind myself that I’m not done training yet and not to expect my body to perform like its already gone through this training cycle. Or even like it did at the end of the last one. But the speed and endurance will come back.

I’ve also stopped trying to find reasons not to train. Let me explain. I’ve been (thankfully) relatively injury free during my running career. Some IT Band issues and a weird foot thing, but nothing serious. I’ve added mileage sensibly, I strength train and stretch, foam roll… you get the idea. Anyway, every time I feel a little pain I’m petrified that I have a stress fracture waiting to bubble out, an IT Band ready to exlode (PS. someone dorky needs to form a band and call it IT Band. I’m envisioning tech-rock) etc. You get the point. Anyway, I’m driving myself nuts. So, until I feel actual pain in my actual joints or bones, I’m going to stop thinking about it! I think subconsciously I’m so scared of the goal I’ve set that I’ve been trying to find reasons not to try. Which is absurd and needs to stop.

That’s enough rambling.


One response to “Happily adjusting

  1. I am the same way about pain, but I’m finally realizing that I’m going to get little tweaks here and there with my mileage.

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