Um, yeah. That was not ok.

For a variety of reasons I was forced to attempt my second quality workout of the week after work last night. It was 100 degrees and I had sets of 5 minutes hard with 3 minutes of recovery scheduled which penciled out to roughly 10 miles. I figured I’d drive over to the bike trail to do the workout since it has water and I wouldn’t have to deal with stoplights or anything like that. I had been dreading the workout all day, texted AlbertoJack to see if he’d let me off the hook (he said to man up and just drink water) and was just sort of over it in general. Now, I usually dread my quality days but I can usually get in the game once I start running.

I warmed up for 2 miles and my legs felt really heavy. I was just uncomfortable. I switched up my playlist to the “for running emergencies only” list and told myself to run. Well, after only 2 repeats of 5 minutes I threw in the towel. I am not proud of this– but my legs just wouldn’t go. They wouldn’t. Every time I stopped after the 5 minutes hard I felt like I was going to start bawling and my heart and lungs were going to jump out of my chest. I was dripping with sweat and well, I just wimped out. Not cool. At this point I was 4.5 miles out on the trail and figured that if I was going to waste a quality workout I better get in some miles.

I ended up running 10 miles but, as my facebook status said, “100 degree heat + 10 miles=hellfest.” I thought I’d compromise and run at marathon pace, but I couldn’t even do that. My legs and mind just wouldn’t go. I was pretty upset with myself for quitting in the middle. I NEVER do that. Especially not on days I get to run fast. For the most part I really like running fast and working hard. But after two 63 mile weeks my legs called uncle.

On the upside I got to see the moon rise over the Guy West Bridge (a mini foot version of the Golden Gate) and it was beautiful. The sky was all purple and the moon looked huge! It calmed me down a little bit but I was still really, really frustrated.

I came home and my roommate and I set up the home gym did our strength and core training and I was spent. I lit up my BBQ had a nice burger and salad with a beer (or 2…) and went to bed. At least I didn’t wimp out on strength training. I guess.

I still don’t entirely know what went wrong, but one crappy workout isn’t going to kill me. It could mentally, but it won’t physically. I’m done with 2 back to back 63 mile weeks and get to taper “down” to a much more manageable 49 miles next week. I can’t wait! Another happy side effect of all this running my  “skinny” jeans are actually a little bit loose now. I like that. And I feel pretty good overall. I have a little hot spot on the top of my foot but I think it’s a muscle thing not a bone thing and that I can deal with…

I’m ready to make some sweet running happen this weekend. I have some adventures planned. And I can’t wait.


One response to “Um, yeah. That was not ok.

  1. it was 100 degrees out… um yah there is no way i would have finished that either. the heat KILLS me. you still got your 10 miles in and that is awesome! every once in a while its ok to give yourself a break. this workout will not make or break the marathon, i promise you that. keep it up and have a great weekend!!! enjoy your cutback week next week too 🙂

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