Runners Paradise…

I’m currently in Track Town, USA right now. Let me tell you, it is a runner’s paradise. There are tons of cedar-chip trails that feel like running on pillows, it was 55 degrees and sprinkling this morning during my long run and it’s just beautiful! This couldn’t come at a better time. I’ve been feeling pretty bored with my running routes, 2 weeks of high mileage have driven me crazy and I just needed a little runing refresher.

Yesterday I had 7 miles to finish out week #2 of 63 miles and I ran on Pre’s Trail by the University of Oregon which was great. My legs were exhausted and quads burning so it was nice to have beautiful scenery and a soft surface to distract myself from the suffering. It rained during the entire run or I would have taken some photos. But let me tell you, it was beautiful!

Today I had a 14 mile easy run on the books. I went wine tasting and out to a really nice dinner wtih my family which wasn’t ideal for running but I kept it all in moderation so I didn’t feel terrible this morning (I hang over easily, ugh). I ran all over Eugene including Pre’s Trail and some really nice trails by the Wilammette River. I kept it as easy pace and felt really good. The weather was perfect (I was actually COLD in the middle of my run!) and I enjoyed the run quite a bit. I don’t think I realized how much the heat was taking out of me until I got some chilly weather. It was great.

I’m trying to take photos so hopefully I’ll have some to share when I get home!


One response to “Runners Paradise…

  1. What are you doing in Eugene!? Lucky you.

    It’s really, really hard to do speedwork in high temps like that. It’s hard to do recovery runs, even.

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