My dog ate my shoes

You know that book “Coach I didn’t run because…“? Can we add “…my dog has separation anxiety”?

She really does, and I really haven’t been running (or leaving my apartment for more than 3 hours at a time) except for short intervals on walks with her. Luckily the more she can walk and run, the less stressed out she’ll be, and the more I can leave my apartment!

I was thinking that after the initial period of getting them used to running and running on pavement, having a young terrier would help runners stay on track (that is, unless your terrier has separation anxiety and doesn’t let you leave the house):

  • They don’t let you sleep in. At least my dog doesn’t most of the time. She’s a go-getter in the morning, or if she’s still tired from the night before, my alarm clock wakes her up and she doesn’t let me snooze for long because she doesn’t have super strong bladder control, hah!
  • They need lots of exercise which means walks! So you think, “While I’m out here, I might as well run.” I have to take the girl out for at least 45 minutes, and that gets boring quickly in my neighborhood…
  • They get easily distracted by prey if you’re moving too slowly, so once again, you think, “I might as well run.”
  • They can be unfriendly towards or play rougher with other dogs than their owners may want. Once again, you might as well run so they don’t get fixated on other dogs.
  • You may forget to bring poop bags, so you might as well run away before someone sees that you’re a dirty, bad citizen.

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