Post #100

Well, it’s Friday and I’m too lazy to go anywhere for lunch and realized it’s our 100th post! So I figured I’d copy Aron and do 100 things about me. Some running-related, some not. Basically, a way to pass a half-hour while I eat my sandwich. Awesome. Rachel, if you wnat to do this you’re going to have to come up with 101.

10 Things I love about running:

1. Time alone to think
2. How I feel when I’m done
3. I don’t have to stress about eating a cookie
4. Being outside
5. Seeing things I wouldn’t if I were driving by
6. The feeling of cool morning air
7. Having goals to reach
8. Meeting cool people I wouldn’t otherwise meet
9. The environment at races
10. Gives me a healthy outlet for my competitive drive

10 running must-haves

1. Good shoes (Saucony Pro Grid Guide I love you!)
2. Non cotton socks
3. Gu
4. Nike Tempo shorts
5. Oatmeal
6. My old school Garmin 205
7. My ipod shuffle
8. A good attitude
9. A plan
10. Planks!

10 non-running things about me

1. I really love fashion. A lot.
2. I love party planning and have a huge Christmas party each year.
3. I have been getting People Magazine since I was 12.
4. My whole family is in banking or econ. I am certainly not. Total black sheep.
5. I love UCLA sports. Go Bruins!
6. Everyone calls me by my last name and I really hate it.
7. I love old houses. Mine was built in the 20s.
8. I lived in LA for 4 years and still miss it. Sometimes I think about moving back.
9. I lived in DC for awhile. Do not miss it, will not be moving back. I hated, hated, hated the cold weather.
10. I’d live in Paris for a year if I could.

10 favorite runs (not in order):

1. My neighborhood. I love my park.
2. The Embarcadero in SF
3. The path by the beach that goes from Santa Monica to Manhattan Beach
4. Pre’s Trail in Eugene
5. Western States Trail in Auburn
6. American River Parkway in Sacramento
7. Along the Seine and Jardin du Plantes in Paris
8. National Mall in DC
9. Bidwell Park in Chico (upper AND lower)
10. Mission Bay in San Diego

10 Things I listen to while running:

1. Stronger by Kanye West
2. The Adam Carolla Podcast
3. Chariots of Fire theme song
4. Poker Face by Lady Gaga
5. SexyBack, JT
6. Death Cab for Cutie (all of it)
7. Clumsy by Fergie
8. Boom Boom Pow, Black Eyed Peas
9. UCLA Fight Song
10. MmmmBop!

10 Running Goals:

1. Qualify for Boston
2. Win my age group
3. Sub 21 5k (HAHAHAHAHAHA)
4. Run until I’m an old, old lady
5. Sub 1:40 half marathon
6. Coach some non runners to their first half
7. Run Boston
8. Run a trail race
9. Run the Austin Marathon
10. Be in Runner’s World “I’m a runner” section

10 Things I’m Thankful For:

1. My health. I’m so lucky everything works.
2. My education.
3. My family who is super supportive
4. My job and super fun coworkers
5. To live in the US and have tons of freedom
6. My cute house and lovely roommate
7. My friends who are like my family
8. Good food and wine
9. Good movies
10. To live in a town that loves and is set up for running

10 Things I’m looking forward to this year:

1. CIM
2. Boston
3. The Christmas Party 09
4. A big trip next summer– location TBD
5. Working on making my yard a wonderland next spring
6. Redoing my ugly kitchen floor
7. Fall and pumpkin flavored everything and weather cold enough to enjoy it
8. Going to some UCLA Football games
9. Unplanned adventures
10. My schedule calming down so I have lots of down time

10 Favorite Foods:

1. Yogurt– all kinds
2. Turkey sandwiches
3. Goat cheese pizza made on the BBQ
4. Black Bean Chili
5. Chocolate Chip cookies
6. Pasta with fresh tomatoes and basil
7. My oatmeal
9. Mexican food of all shapes and sizes
10. A good, fresh salad

and finally…

10 favorite magazines (and yes, I get all of these)

1. People
2. InStyle
3. Cooking Light
4. Runners World
5. Vogue
6. Elle
7. The American (Rachel, woo hoo!)
8. Self
9. Bon Apetit
10. Running Times

That was self-indulgent adn long but kinda fun!


3 responses to “Post #100

  1. i have a christmas party every year too!!!! did you see my posts from last years? LOOOOVE planning parties, i think i missed my calling *sigh*

    loved learning all the non running things about you 🙂

  2. Nice post. I run in Austin and it is a great place to run….but I want to run in all those favorite places you mentioned…especially, qualify and run in the Boston marathon.
    Thanks for the blog….

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