And miles to go before I sleep…

Ok, that Robert Frost line is kind of morbid, and it should read, “miles to go after not much sleep!” Racing the Buffalo Stampede on Sunday meant that my normal long run was disrupted. JackAlberto told me I still needed a long run and should try to run 2.5 hours at some point this week. This sounded insane and painful and stupid to me and so I tried everything I could think of to get out of it. I asked another coach friend who said, “yep. A 10 mile race stresses a different system than a long run. You should do one before work this week” essentially repeating exactly what I was told. I hemmed and hawed and feigned soreness but realized that I just needed to harden up and make it happen.

I have run 12 or 13 before work quite a few times. I think one time I even ran 14 or 15 before work (this was two years ago when I was a little turtle and it took probably the same time it took me to run this am but anyway…) when I was training for CIM in 2006 but this was an entirely new feat. I was pretty nervous about it since I had a meeting an hour away that last until 10pm last night which meant I wasn’t crawling into bed until around 11.

So… I got up at 5 this morning (luckily my roommate also had to wake up that early which meant lights and music on– made it feel not so early) and ran 17 miles before work. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad. I mean, it was early for sure but it wasn’t torture or anything. I headed out the door and was treated to a cool view of the moon with satellites all around it, trucks bringing supplies to the grocery store and all kinds of early-morningness that the sane don’t get to see. I felt pretty safe, too. I stuck to high traffic areas in nice neighborhoods and figured that at 5am anyone drunk would be passed out and that the serial killers are too lazy to wake up at 5am. Plus, I could outrun them 🙂

I ran 6 miles and felt really sluggish and slow. I know it’s early, I know I just raced but my effort level was high for how slow I was moving. I decided to ignore my garmin, take it easy and just cruise around. After 6 miles I met my friend Elizabeth and ran the middle 7 with her. This was clutch. The middle of long runs are the hardest for me and she kept me really distracted and moving at a decent pace. We are at exactly the same pace and have the same goals and so it’s nice to run with her. Plus, it’s so much safer to run in 2s when it’s early.

The final 5 miles were a grind but not too bad actually. I never felt sick to my stomach (seriously, try salt tabs… rocking my world right now) and I felt strong the entire time. I finished up with a 9:30 average which is right on target. And actually, I ran the final 5 minutes at marathon pace which, while hard, wasn’t horrible. I took gu at miles 6 and 12 and salt tabs at 5, 10 and 14 which was just perfect. I also drank a TON of water. We’re talking somewhere in the 50 oz range. I was so sweaty when I got home it looked like I’d jumped in the pool. Yuck.

So, with this morning’s run, that puts me at 54 miles for this week– and it’s only Wednesday. I think I’m actually going to hit 70! The body feels good, too. My left foot is a little wonky and my right hamstring has been sore from the race, but I’ve been icing, stretching and rolling and they’re steadily improving. I fantasized all day yesterday abotu the post-long run breakfast burrito I was going to buy but after my run I just didn’t want it. In fact, I’m not very hungry at all. Plus, I realized that a giant burrito is really at cross purposes with getting down to a fighting weight and while 17 miles is definitely a long way, I still need to have some self-discipline.

Let’s hope I don’t have to do this again, though… I’m absolutely sure I”m going to be in bed by 8pm tonight. Marathoning makes me such a fun person, haha.


3 responses to “And miles to go before I sleep…

  1. I don’t know if you noticed, but I started following your blog a few days ago, mostly because you live sorta in the same area as me and it’s nice to hear the same things about weather and whatnot …

    Great job on the 17 miles, sounds like you kicked butt!

  2. Wow! 17 miles before work? That is so hardcore! So totally cool. Congrats to you for getting that done!

  3. Great job! Glad you had someone to run with in the dark. I’m getting close to 70 but unsure if I will hit it.

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