2nd Runs

First of all, I am going to complain about the heat: IT IS ALMOST OCTOBER IT SHOULD NOT NOT NOT BE 105 DEGREES. I AM SO DONE.

But that’s not interesting. Well, not everything (or even anything?) I write is interesting but I figured I’d dive into the topic of double days. With the volume of mileage I’m running and my work/life schedule I need to run twice per day in order to fit everything in. Plus, Jack says it’s easier on your body to split things up rather than just extend, extend, extend. And let me tell you, if Jack says it, I do it. I mean, if he told me to strap myself to a bus with rollerblades because it was scientifically-backed cross training, I might do it. But I digress.

Initially I hated running twice per day. My second runs were often in the heat (that should have gone away by now but hasn’t. Note to the weather: if pumpkin spice lattes have been available for a month, you need to cool off) and were sluggish and tired and I hated them. Plus, it was annoying getting all hot and sweaty twice a day and it meant I was eating dinner around 8:30 or 9.Or, going straight to Bible Study or friends’ houses hot and sweaty.

But everyone has adjusted. I’ve figured out my schedule and eating, my friends figure the next time they see me showered with makeup on will be in December and my legs aren’t as tired.

Now I love running twice per day. Ok, love is a stretch. But I don’t mind it nearly as much. It’s a good opportunity to get the blood through my legs after a tough speed session and I’m finding that I enjoy running after work sometimes. It’s a nice transition from “work” to “evening” and allows me to process my day a little bit. They’re also quite a bit shorter than my morning runs (3-5 miles) and so it’s a nice opportunity to just stretch out and run easy.

Sometimes the 2nd run of the day is still hard. Especially if I haven’t eaten enough, it’s really hot or I did a killer workout in the morning. In fact last week I had to go into a gas station and buy some candy because I was seeing spots and felt like I might pass out. Turns out keeping an emergency 5 bucks in all my shorts is a good idea after all.

Physiologically I can definitely tell the increased volume is making a difference. Let me explain. When you are running 40 miles per week, a 20 miler or even 17-18 miler is roughly half of your weekly mileage. That is a HUGE jump. Last weekend when I ran 18 it was about 25% of my weekly mileage. Which is where the experts say your long run should be. I’m not fatiguing on long runs as easily as I used to and mentally I’m able to stay in the game a little better, too. I can tell my aerobic system is getting really strong. My resting heart rate has gone down a bit and my endurance has increased for sure.

Just a note– don’t increase your mileage unless you’re ready, but if you are, I’m finding that it makes a big difference.

Training’s still going well. 63 miles this week which actually doesn’t feel like a whole lot after running 70! It’s so true what they say about not looking ahead in your training schedule. Of course it looks hard when you’re in week 1– you haven’t put in the work yet. But I’m find that I’m ready for the workouts and volume as I progress. Almost like Jack planned it that way, eh? I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I’m starting to see a glimmer of hope in all these miles. I feel strong, my pace is increasing and my body is holding up.

Oh and I got new running shoes. AND THEY ARE PINK! I don’t normally care what my running shoes look like, but these bad boys (girls) are adorable. Check it:


7 responses to “2nd Runs

  1. I hear you on the hot weather thing! It’s been 90+ in San Jose and it’s just killing me when I get home from work at 4 and I am faced with some high mileage! Great job on getting the doubles done and sticking to it!

  2. My schedule doesn’t allow for double days, but after reading about your training I really want to check out this Daniels stuff.

  3. I definitely want to incorporate doubles into my next big round of training. its an “easy” way to get in the miles and I dont mind going for a short run after work. Plus you feel real hardcore 🙂

    seriously, I cannot take the heat anymore. Like I am ready to throw a temper tantrum. I am going to start wearing my sweaters and scarves and turtlenecks around – maybe summer will take a hint? GO AWAY! (esp in the next 11 days)

  4. I’ve been itching to try the double days but they really do not fit in with my schedule right now, which is why I run first thing in the morning – it’s the only time I have!! I think that doing doubles would be fun, though. I usually dread a weekday run that is over 6 miles, so splitting it into two runs might make it more bearable!

  5. I’ve done a couple of double days this training cycle and find a similar experience. I think when I take the next jump in mileage, I’ll have to incorporate more of this into the training.

    Can’t believe how hot it is on the West Coast. I feel for you all.

  6. Aww, I am so glad it’s not 105 here! We’ve had astonishingly cool (and early) fall weather and I can’t complain. I love running in 40 degrees!

    I have been doing two-a-days and I do really enjoy them. I don’t do them every day, but a couple of times a week seems to work well for me. My schedule also sometimes requires me to run in the evening one day and then early A.M. the next day…so it’s kind of the same thing, with a nice, long nap (aka “sleep”) in between. 🙂

  7. PS: I love the pink shoes!

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