Getting that hay in the barn

This week has been a solid week of “putting hay in the barn” for the race. It’s a 63 mile week (almost done! woo hoo!) but I’ve adjusted to all these miles. I don’t feel terrible like the last time I had a few high mileage weeks stacked. That’s encouraging.

Yesterday, however, was not as encouraging. I had a beast of a workout– 2 miles warm up 4×1 mile at T pace (roughly 10k pace), 5 min jog, 3×1 mile T pace, 2 miles cool down. With 60 seconds between the miles. For those keeping track at home that is essentially 7 one mile repeats. SEVEN. I woke up early and during my warm up my legs just felt heavy. There are days you feel springy and there are days you feel like lead… I felt like lead. I seriously contemplated just running easy but wasn’t about to get up at 5 for no reason and figured I’d see what I could do despite feeling like crap. Well… it went ok. My plan called for 7:50 pace and I think 3 or 4 of my repeats were on (probably the 2, 3 and 4th… my first interval always feels like ass) but the last 3 I slipped to 8 minute flat pace.

Although I wasn’t as speedy as I wanted I’m actually pretty proud of the way I handled this workout mentally. It was a challenge to stay focused through 7 repeats- especially when they weren’t going well, and I just hung in there. I kept telling myself “oh you think mile 20 isn’t going to hurt? are you going to quit then? really?” or another mantra that works for me is, “you are too experienced and too fit to quit right now. that is selling yourself short.” I also did the repeats at a park that’s 1 mile around and it was helpful to have visual cues of what a mile actually looks like.  So while I was a little slower than I’d like, there was still a small victory in there.

I started freaking out this week when I looked at my plan and realized I really only have 5 more weeks of hard training left. CIM isn’t that soon, but it’s pretty soon. I’m definitely in the thick of “put the hay in the barn” mode. I need to make each workout count and ensure that I’m doing everything possible to make sure I’m successful. Even if 100+ temperatures insist on sticking around for another 2 weeks (ok I know I’m complaining about the weather a lot but I’m just sick of it). I’m also enjoying the high mileage which is also weird. I never thought a 56 mile week would seem like easy recovery… and yet… here I am.

Oh! Another fun story… on Tuesday night I had to squeeze 4 miles in between work and Bible study at  friend’s house. They basically live in Egypt (ok not really but it’s a solid 20 mins from my house which to me is forever) so I figured I’d park at this shopping center (did I change from a suit into running clothes in my car while driving? yes, yes I did) near their house and run for 38 minutes since I forgot my garmin. Well, as soon as I parked I saw a sign marking a trailhead! And guess what? I found a flat, long dirt trail that was mile marked every .1 mile! It was such a fun discovery. I wouldn’t necessarily call the trail “pretty” but any run you’re not on concrete is a good thing, so I’ll take it. And even though it wasn’t necessarily “scenic” it was a nice change of pace from running in my neighborhood.

Wow, I’m all kinds of all over the place.  Better stop now.


5 responses to “Getting that hay in the barn

  1. sounds like you nailed that workout! i always figure as long as i dont quit in the middle, thats a huge battle. we may not always get our paces exactly but we finished the workout and that matters more. seven is A LOT of repeats! great job girl!

    keep complaining about the weather because i am right there with you, oh but i think you know that already 🙂

    i LOVE when i find new paths like that!! thats what happened to me last week. its very exciting.

  2. Yay on getting it done! And be proud of yourself, your paces were great considering your legs felt like led!
    The weather sucks… like Aron said, the Bay just won’t cool off either! Yuck!

  3. I recognise this SO well. And actually I think the mental victory in nailing the workout at all is enormous and really valuable – I do find myself calling on these experiences in races. So it was a very good workout.

    Great blog by the way – I’ll be adding you to my reader!

  4. hey thanks for stopping by my blog last week! apologies for taking so long to return the favor… my life is often crazy thanks to long hours :-/ i added you to my google reader though!

    it’s definitely pretty rare to see jack followers… he is quite tough! if i’m not struggling with the physical aspect of a workout, i am struggling with them mentally! (although, many days are tough in both departments) i’m in my first training plan using daniels, and although it hasn’t been nearly on-target i have learned a good bit.

    it’s always a victory to finish each mile/rep of a daniels workout – so nice job sticking this one out!

  5. Getting that hay in the barn .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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