Long run with fun girls!

Yesterday I got to join Tara and Aron for their final long run before they tackle the Cowtown Marathon (I’m only doing the half) next weekend. I am so glad that I had them. Not only are they cool and fun and fantastic but I have the feeling that yesterday’s run could have been long and painful had I been alone. First of all, the weather has been atrocious. I know I keep complaining, but it was 110 on Saturday and 105 yesterday. Second of all, although I didn’t think I was tired from my 70 and 63 mile weeks, my legs told me otherwise. 3rd of all, Saturday I ran hills, wake surfed, weight lifted and got up really early. So let’s set the stage: dehydrated, sore, tired, worn out. Good times.

So anyway, I was glad to have company this morning. We ran most of the course (except for 1/2 mile that I goofed up) which will be good for visualizing my race this weekend. I would really like to PR. Worst case, I would like to run marathon pace, but mostly I’d like to PR (which would be faster than M pace). I run on the course all the time, but never the whole thing and never in order, so that was fun. And it got me really excited for their races. I just know they’ll do great. I felt ok while running, but was glad I didn’t have to run faster than easy pace and definitely started to get nauseated from all the sweating. Thank goodness for salt pills.

Afterward we went to breakfast at one of my favorite spots and talked about running! It was so great– my friends usually respond to my running with, “I love you but I so don’t get it” and “Why do you do that?” or my favorite “ENOUGH RUNNING TALK.” So it was fantastic to just sit and dissect every piece of running like gels, salt, easy, fast, interval, food, etc. I loved it! The girls were also kind enough not to be grossed out that I was not only sweaty, but still covered in funk from swimming in the river the day before.

Then, I had a whirlwind of baby shower and Dierks Bentley concert! 2 hours away! In the meth capital of the world (not kidding on this one)! I was initially hesitant to go because I knew I’d be up late and then have to wake up super early to make it back to work on time but I realized that life isn’t about being square, checking boxes and running miles on a training plan. Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and have some fun with your friends. And you know what? I ended up in the 3rd row, shook Dierks’ hand and had a great time. No, I didn’t run at 4am this morning in the meth capital of the world (no seriously, not safe) but I’ll go tonight. Plus, I’m sore so I think I could use the rest.

“Only” 56 miles to tackle this week. I’m looking forward to the break which coincides perfectly with a little taper before I tackle the Cowtown. And then cheer on the girls of course. Have a great week. I’m going to return to my gallon of coffee since I got roughly 3 hours of sleep (don’t sleep on the floor if you’re a runner. my back hurts and my hip bones are bruised!)


5 responses to “Long run with fun girls!

  1. Cool run! SOunds like it gave you the boost you needed to get the most out of your tank this weekend. Good luck!

    And listen – your mileage – is that a Jack Daniels plan?

    And I can so relate to having running buddies with whom you can go ON and ON about running. Absolutely priceless..

  2. SOOO much fun yesterday 🙂 THANK YOU for being our course guide and for listening to me jabber on lol. i am so glad we got to meet “internet friend” 😉 cant wait to hang out again on sunday! hope you can get some sleep tonight!

  3. You ladies are so funny! I laughed at how you each mentioned that you can’t find other people to talk running with except each other…hmmm, maybe that’s why i only hang with peeps in my running group…

    Glad you had a great run! Aron is really fun to talk to, run with, so it’s only natural that you had an awesome time with her…

    Good luck with your mini-taper week!

  4. i’m jealous that you got to run with aron 🙂 it’s always nice to have running friends who actually like to talk about running for hours. i know the feeling about ‘regular’ friends blowing you off.

    you certainly are active! run, surf, lift… i wish i did things other than just run, but i’m usually too lazy haha. it’s tough enough squeezing in the miles. i can’t wait til i get to resume “regular” work and not these crazy hours out on the jobsite.

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