I can’t leave it bummed out

Thanks for everyone’s constructive and supportive comments. At the advice of Aron, my coach and all ya’lls, I didn’t go for my 2nd run yesterday. Instead, I went to “Girls Wine Night” and ate a solid dinner (ok it was a turkey sandwich, but it had avocado and whole wheat walnut sourdough bread and I loved it so so so much) and forgot about running. I was good though– one glass of vino for this girl.

Before the wine night I ran by Fleet Feet to get my Cowtown packet. And oh boy I’m glad I did. I think, and don’t hold me to this, but I might be just a little bit excited about the race. There were tons of people in the store buzzing about their goals, training and times and it made me glad to be a small part of the running community. I spent some time chatting with other runners and they reassured me that they feel like I do sometimes, too and that they only way to bust out of a funk is to race hard and have a good time doing it.

I also spent an unnecessary 80 bucks. First of all, they had UCLA running socks so obviously I couldn’t pass those up (photo below)… and then I bought some compression socks. I was feeling a little anti, but when 9 people raved about them and I described how I’m deadlegged, I gave in. I slept in them last night and I think my legs and feet feel better. At any rate, they’ll be good for recovery. I also got a little rolly thingy (technical term) to roll out my arch. It’s been bugging me for ages and I really think it’s working.



I remember the days when I spent 80 bucks at JCrew or Anthropologie… now it’s Fleet Feet…oh well, in January I’ll resume spending cash on regular clothes!

Now I’m just going to focus on sleeping and eating well between now and Sunday. I’ll run a few miles tomorrow, pop on my compression socks and spend some quality time envisioning an awesome race. The weather looks perfect, I have always raced well at Cowtown and it’s time to fire it up.

Also below are two videos– one of Kara Goucher and one of Ryan Hall that never fail to inspire me. Ole!




7 responses to “I can’t leave it bummed out

  1. good girl 🙂 glad you are feeling better and getting excited!!!! sometimes all you need is a girls night, a class of wine and a race bib.

    we can get each other amped up at the start line. yayyyyy see you soon!

  2. Aw, I feel like a bad bloggie friend! I didnt’ get to yesterday’s post and I just read it! But, I also read today’s and you sound so much better. Training is hard, training drains you and you are aiming for a goal that you are afraid to miss. You got it in you and it sounds like you did some good R&R yesterday.
    I am a bit sore right now and am itching to run – but at the same time trying to be good and hold off until Sunday. Trying to see the big picture (CIM) can be hard, but you and I know that the payoff will be awesome! Enjoy your run today, enjoy your easy day tomorrow and go and kick some ass on Sunday! Are you on FB because I would love to hear right away how you do! Email me! 🙂

  3. You’re gonna have a great race…don’t even worry about it. It’s normal to feel antsy and question things, so don’t overthink it. Just do your best, have a great time and let the chips fall as they may.

    Have a great race!

  4. so which compression socks did you end up getting? I’m looking into getting some, let me know how you like them!

  5. Good luck tomorrow – focus on running how you want to and on enjoying being out there and on being part of the larger community – you will have a fabulous time (and maybe run one too!) 😉

  6. glad your spirits are lifted! have a great race tomorrow!!

    lol about the change in money spending… too true!

  7. Good luck! Just one race out of many, don’t sweat it.

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