Food: Take 2

I don’t think one day of eating is very useful or indicative of how real life works, so I did it again. Plus, on Wednesday I did my second quality workout of the week so it seemed like a good day to show how a longer workout in the morning affects my eating. Of course it turned into a weird day with lots of leftovers and eating out, but that’s almost better, right?

So anyway. I started my day with my workout. I can’t really run long and hard without something in my belly. Especially because I didn’t sleep eat like on Sunday and I woke up hungry. So I had a little PBJ whole wheat english muffin at 5:15:

I could eat this all day everyday

I could eat this all day everyday

I then took on a KILLER workout. 2 miles warm up, 2 x 2 miles at 10k pace with 3 min jogs, 15 mins 10k pace, 2 miles easy. Which was 10.5 miles ish. That’s actually a shorter q2 workout on the spectrum, but trust me, it was plenty challenging. For those keeping track at home, I did well on this workout. I hit all my times and felt great. I even threw in 6 hill repeats at the end because I felt good and had extra time– that never happens! While this is wonderful I’m sort of annoyed I felt good on my workout but not for the race. But it was a great run. Perfect weather, I had some runner’s high going on toward the end, felt great the entire time, legs felt light, ipod was bringing me hit after hit… I think it’s funny that I always feel best during my highest mileage weeks. Whatever! Don’t ask me to explain my body! I even did a little dancing to Jamiroquai on my cooldown. What? Like you’ve never had a dance party while you run? Well if you haven’t, you should. It’s fun.

So after the run I was hungry but not starving. So I had basically the same bowl of oats I ate on Monday. I love my morning oatmeal and coffee. Sometimes I go to bed a little earlier so it seems like I get to eat it sooner. I took the photo before I mixed it up so you could see my total obsession with the cinnamon.

Oatmeal, will you be mine?

Oatmeal, will you be mine?

On the way to work I decided to celebrate the fact that I had a good run after feeling so crappy for a week and a half with a pumpkin spice latte. But then I realized I didn’t want it. But I’d already stopped. So… I got a coffee with a squirt of pumpkin.

Oh hello Starbucks. You're yummy.

Oh hello Starbucks. You're yummy.

Around 10:30 I had a yogurt. I randomly grabbed this chocolate yogurt the other day at the market. I don’t know why. But it was good. I probably won’t buy it again because it’s pretty sugary but I didn’t have another in my fridge and a day without yogurt is not a day I’m interested in.

Ok but sugary.

Ok but sugary.

This is where my day got weird. I had an appointment run waaaaaay long and so I didn’t get to eat lunch until 2! NOT OK! But what was ok was the food I got! I ran into this cute new bakery/restaurant that opened in town. They only use local ingredients,  mostly organic and everything is amazing. Everything. So I got a mixed greens salad with chicken, lemon vinegarette and a large crouton. It was good.

So good.

So good.

So normally I’d need a lot of snacks and didn’t have any, so I grabbed a mini loaf of their butternut squash bread. And it was worth every calorie. I can’t express the amazingness of this. Whatever you’re imagining– it’s better. I ate this slowly. Over about an hour:

I want more. NOW.

I want more. NOW.

I had a cup of tea at 5. I wasn’t able to go home between work and my evening commitments but luckily I anticipated this and brought leftovers to work. I’m not always this “on it” but this traveled well and reheats well. It’s pasta (Barilla Plus– I don’t eat white flour (ok except that bread but shhh) and it has a good amount of protein in it and tastes good), tomatoes, spinach, white beans, garlic, a bay leaf, salt, pepper, basil (from my garden!) and a dash of olive oil. And I mean a dash.

So glorious

So glorious

After my evening commitments were done I had a couple dark chocolate chips from my cupboard. I contemplated some yogurt and granola but I was tired and it seemed like a lot of work. I mean, I’d have to get off my couch, go to the kitchen (please keep in mind that my house is roughly the size of a dollhouse), pour granola and yogurt and go back to the couch. Can you imagine? So much effort. So instead I watched Glee and went to bed at 10:00pm. Because I’m young and cool and a party animal like that.

And that’s what I ate on a 10.5 mile day with no 2nd run. A decent day although I skimped on the fruit (dried cranberries are candy as far as I’m concerned) but I eat so much fruit on other days that I’m not concerned. According to my trusty tracker I ate 1800 calories. Probably low. Again. Hmmm, maybe I’ll eat some more from now on. I was also 20% fat, 60% carbs, 20% protein which is decent. Especially since the fat was olive oil and peanuts not pizza and ice cream.


The photos from Cowtown are up and I will not be sharing them with you. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being, “wait is that a professional runner or Amy” and 1 being “um is that a boy or a girl and why does it look like that?” I’d say they are about a 3. If I thought I was miserable, I was right and now there’s proof! Also I can’t figure it out. I feel 100% recovered from the race. I had a sideache and ab pain from the puking until Tuesday night but my legs have felt great all week. Which is both great and frustrating.

I’m so happy that the weather’s been good and I’ve felt good this week. I’ve needed this– mentally and physically. Let’s hope I keep it up!


9 responses to “Food: Take 2

  1. I was *just* about to ask you what time you go to bed normally.

    Also, your eating (and running, that matter) put my eating (and running) to shame. You have SERIOUSLY motivated me.

    Hooray for a great week!

  2. Yes, I do dance durning my runs sometimes. It feels great…and I think it adds to making me look more bad-ass, what do you think?
    Sounds like a great workout, I may have to copy you…
    And you HAVE to share the pics! I just got mine back from Lake Tahoe Marathon, and I look like crap! The ones of me crossing the finish-line are the worst! I am holding my mouth/face because I was about to cry! I was more emotional at this race then I have ever been. Unfortuntately, it looks like I am just trying not to spew all over the finish mat! Ha! If you wanna see them, ask me to be your friend on FB, there up there. I don’t know how to steal them from brightroom to put on my blog yet. Plus, I don’t look like a runner, I look all chunky! I just don’t get it!
    Hahahaha! Have a great rest of your week! 🙂

  3. your pics arent that bad!!! at least they got a lot of you this time right 🙂

    yay for a great quality workout!!! this weather is amazing, i am so happy!

  4. All your food looks delicious and has made me hungry! Nice workout and I am glad you’re feeling beeter! I hate my pics from Sunday as well 😦

  5. I love making pasta because it’s such an easy lunch to bring the next day!

    Your scale for ranking your photos is hilarious. I had a TERRIBLE photo at the end of my last half, I was SO exhausted when I crossed the finish line because I’d had terrible stomach issues and I half-heartedly tried to put my hand up in the air but my face looked like I was going to puke. Haha

    I’m really enjoying you sharing your eats, though!! I KNOW that I need to eat more protein!

  6. I’ve enjoyed these food posts. The Chocolate Underground yogurt is awesome, but practically dessert. Has it been useful for you to track your calories, etc?

    Nice job in the race, even feeling awful.

  7. I love reading what you’re eating. It’s rather similar to something I would eat in a day, except, my calories are drastically less. Considering I run no more then 4 miles a day and I’m trying to lose weight, that’s okie dokie I suppose. I think I probably eat too much fat in one day, but like you, it’s mostly from p.butter and olive oil and parm cheese LOL.

  8. nice job on the q2 workout! they mostly just psych me out in advance and i haven’t done too hot on them… :-/

    your food habits sound excellent to me! i have been craving a pumpkin-something-or-other from starbucks lately. maybe i’ll just get the coffee+flavor instead of a latte, better for you, so they say, right?

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