Compression: I was a hater now I’m a believer

Last week I got talked into buying some compression socks. I was complaining about my dead legs, arch pain and general running malaise and was told by many, many people that these babies would be good for what ails me. I was skeptical at best but figured I’d give it a shot and see what happens. So I bought these socks and hoped that they’d help. Now, I’m not ready to start running in them so I’ve only been wearing them post-run, around the house and if the workout was long and/or difficult, at night. I tend to be skeptical of the “new hot thing” and like to keep my running kind of minimalist and old school (is it wrong that I kind of want a weight vest?) but let me be clear: these socks work.

Some background… I’ve had arch pain in my left foot since late April. I’ve tried everything– ice, ART, stretching, resting and nothing has worked. The pain wasn’t getting worse, but it was persistent. I’m not kidding when I say that it’s hurt for months on end. It was annoying, but not deal breaking and since it wasn’t getting worse, I was just working through it. I’ve also been waking up at night with calf/foot cramps and they’ve been tight for months. I hadn’t switched shoes or anything, so I chalked it up to overuse and went about my business.

Well, after a week in the compression socks (plus new shoes, but I don’t think that’s the reason I feel better since that hasn’t worked before) my arch pain is gone, I can actually flex my feet and I haven’t woken up with calf cramps once. In fact, during my workout on Wednesday I thought that my calves “felt funny” while I was running and I realized that it was because they felt good! It had just been so long since they’d felt loose I didn’t recognize the feeling.

Also, I normally experience sore calves after a race. I figured after Cowtown and all the extra mileage that they’d be sore but no– I felt fine!

I don’t know exactly how they work, but I can tell you that they do. Make sure you go to a running store to ensure you get the right size, but they are definitely worth the money! Plus, it’s fall which in my world means BOOTS! And the advantage of boots? They’re dorky compression socks hiders.

I'm totally wearing compression socks. You can't even tell.

I'm totally wearing compression socks. You can't even tell. Don't tell my mom that my bed's not made!

Jack has some craziness for me this weekend, so we’ll see how it goes. I have the feeling (although I haven’t done the exact math because I’m scared) that this particular workout is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-21 miles. And not of easy or M paced running either. This also marks the end of another 70 mile week for me. In fact, I only have one more “peak” week. CRAZY TALK! It was much easier this go around– I’m not sore, not particularly tired and actually feel like I could have run more. Maybe this is the crazy talking but I actually think I could have topped out at 80 miles per week instead of 70 this go around. Maybe next time. Or not. I also added up my miles and in the last 4 weeks I’ve run 253 miles. At any rate, and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, I’m really liking this higher mileage thing. I can feel the benefits and putting in the time is definitely worth it.


4 responses to “Compression: I was a hater now I’m a believer

  1. I LOVE compression socks. I was skeptical before too, but when I had to get in the car and drive six hours home after a marathon, I knew I needed to try something. They worked and I wasn’t too sore the following day. I put them on after long/hard runs too, and even sleep with them that night! Oh sooo good!
    And you’re not crazy, you just did really awesome with how you increased your mileage. Celebrate it. Happy Friday! šŸ™‚

  2. i love love love my compression socks!! they most definitely work. and now i will be wearing mine under boots!!! love that šŸ™‚

    great job on the week so far and have a great run this weekend!! i love the high mileage too, although mine isnt as high as yours, i always miss it when i have to come down from it.

  3. What kind did you get? I love my Oxysox.

  4. i don’t know if ‘believe’ in their powers still myself but they do make my legs feel good!

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