Humidity is for the birds. And Texans. But not for me.

This morning I was supposed to run between 12 and 13 miles at marathon pace with a warm up and a cool down. I was nervous about this because I would basically have to equal my half-marathon PR but by myself, with no race day excitement or adrenaline plus no aid stations. Also, I just finished  70 and 67 mile weeks and although overall I feel good, my legs are just a little tired.

So, I got up nice and early and noticed that it wasn’t exactly cool out this morning. I mean, it’s not hot but the humidity has been hovering in the 60 and 70% range which is super humid for California wimps not used to it and it was probably 65 degrees at 6am. Anyway, I don’t do well in the heat and I sweat a LOT without increased humidity so I was nervous about my stomach and hydration. (Oh and public service announcement- mint chocolate gu now available. stock up people.)

I had a really hard time finding my rhythm and hitting marathon pace. I kept looking down and seeing 7:5x or 8 flat on my watch which is way, way too fast to be marathon pace. And that isn’t good because my body can’t sustain that kind of pace for 26 miles. It needs to learn to run 8:20s! So I would kind of surge (when not paying attention), pull back, surge, pull back… which wreaks absolute havoc on your legs, stomach and lungs. I need to learn to run consistently! My splits (below for the M pace portion of the run) are actually pretty consistent but I had to pull over a bunch of times for water.

About halfway I got the same puke-y feeling I got at Cowtown and started to freak out a little bit but I took a salt pill which seemed to help and told myself to shut up, keep running and deal with the puking if it happened (it didn’t). I don’t know what my stomach is feeling– it got upset before I took any gu or salt or even water so I think it just freaks out when I run hard.

8:34 (so sweaty, so nauseated and so ready to be done)

When I finished I was the sweatiest I have been in my entire life. I’m not kidding. Even my socks were soggy. I weighed myself before and after the run and lost 3 pounds despite drinking close to 40 ounces of water during and after. And I couldn’t stop sweating for about another hour. Disgusting.

I’m not very happy with myself. I pulled over to rest/get water waaaaaaay too many times and didn’t do a very good job staying in the game mentally. It’s just hard to grind out a long tempo like that when you’re by yourself and don’t have anyone to be competitive with (maybe it makes me a bad person but I run better whenI feel like I’m competing), push you or be embarassed in front of if you wimp out.

But, c’est le vie as they say. The run’s over and nothing I can do about it now but to keep training hard and address the issues I know I struggle with. Although I’m supposed to mostly do a lot of easy running, I think I’m going to start including some M paced miles during my midweek runs. I need to learn to run that pace and the only way to do that is to run that speed. I don’t have a lot of muscle memory at 8:20 and so I need to beat it into my legs.

I have a cutback week and I’m excited. “Only” 50 miles which is going to feel awesome. No double days and no double digit runs before work? Um, awesome. I’m going to revel and luxuriate in all the free time. Then, 2 hard weeks of training and taper begins. OMG.


5 responses to “Humidity is for the birds. And Texans. But not for me.

  1. I feel like I am EXACTLY like that with my running – surge, pull back etc. I need to learn how to maintain a steady pace, too!!

    Good for you for getting that run over and done with it even if it didn’t feel the greatest!

  2. Oh jeez, this humidity is killing me, I think it’s gone now though.
    I’ve never had the mint chocolate GU and Fleet Feet isn’t selling them individually, I have to pony up like 8 bucks for a whole box … are they good good?
    Yeah, I was a sweaty mess all week/weekend too … I had to explain to 3 different people why I looked the way I looked … I don’t know why I go run errands after a run, lol, I just do, but maybe for their sake I should stop …

  3. Like the title. 😉
    But seriously, isn’t it gross!? Just nasty! The sweat…gah!

  4. Good job on getting the miles in! The humidity has been killing me, too! I am a humidity wuss, soooo gross!
    You and I are in the same boat for marathon pace. Just some info for you…during the week I have been doing all my runs at MP or faster. When it comes to the weekends and my longer runs, I am actually running at MP more easily. You are correct in that your legs just gotta start feeling it. After almost 3 months of this, my speed isn’t feeling like a big issue now.
    I should come up and meet you on a Saturday and get a good long tempo run in – it’s so much easier when you have someone with you!

  5. girl you are killing it! nice job on the mp run! what plan are you following? i don’t think i got to enjoy any mp-runs, bummer. (or maybe i missed those when i was feeling crappy and running easy who knows)

    you are rockin’ the high mileage too. i soo wanted to hit 70 but, never did. i’m jealous!

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