Things I hate about running

I’ve talked a lot about what I love about running so I thought I’d make a list of some of my least favorite things about running. It’s not always roses and butterflies out there, people. Sometimes it’s straight up gross.

1. I don’t like bananas at all. I think they’re disgusting. But I’ve noticed that when I eat them regularly I don’t get cramps in my legs so I choke one down almost every day. Nasty.

2. I don’t like going to the bathroom in weird places when I’m miles from home. Stops include: gas stations, sides of rivers  (NOT COOL), random Starbucks (what’s the plural of Starbucks anyway? Starbi? Or is it like one species and two species?), the Pancake Circus, park bathrooms (sick), construction porta-potties… the list goes on. I hate it and I’m not even prissy.

3. I don’t like explaining to people that the weird spot under my arm, on my lower back or my chest is chafing from running. Body Glide only does so much and I’m never unscathed after a long run.

4. I don’t really like running alone in the dark but it’s pretty unavoidable this time of year. Luckily I have mace on my shorts so hopefully that’s a deterrent. That and the fact that I’m extremely scary.

5. I don’t like that I feel smelly and sweaty all the time. Especially the weeks I have double days– I’m just a puddle of sweat and grime ALL THE TIME.

6. I don’t like that my habit of spitting while I run (only sometimes) translated to daily life the other day. I randomly hocked a loogie walking down the street and was then immediately horrified. Behavior ok in running clothes and working out is NOT ok wearing a dress and heels. FYI.

7. I don’t like seeing hot guys at the park when I’m all kinds of hot tranny mess during or after a hard workout. Although, maybe a good litmus test? If you like me like this, you’ll like me in street clothes? If you can handle the panting, sweating and hyper focus you’re ready for primetime? This theory is untested. Perhaps time to get to the laboratory.

8. I don’t like that I’m starting to look like a boy. I mean, I wasn’t exactly curvy before I started running, but I had more than I have now on my chest. I mean, not filling out an xs sports bra is just embarassing.

Of course it’s all worth it, but there are some definite absurdities associated with our sport!

Training is going fine this week. It’s a cutback week which I always seem to struggle with, but I’m out there getting the miles done. It’s been nice not having to run twice per day but somehow all that free time I thought I’d have has been eaten by work and other commitments. And for some reason I am exhausted. I usually pop out of bed without an alarm but this week it’s a project to get moving. I’m really slow.

I have a 20 or 22 miler (depending on how I feel) scheduled this weekend. Should be fun actually. Right? Hopefully it goes well– I always get so nervous for them.


8 responses to “Things I hate about running

  1. I laughed out loud, very loudly, when I read #6!! Hahaha.

    I HATE having joint pain – shins, knees, whatever. It ruins a perfectly good run when everything else is feeling great but that one joint. Ugh!

  2. Hahaha, yeah I second Amber on #6. You should go back to DC. I saw a woman WEARING A HAT (as in, what you see women in stiff royal blue suits with white trim wear to weddings in England) spit out something fierce in front of the MAYFLOWER.

  3. #8 Did it for me! I started to run to loose all the weight I gained while dating and marrying my husband. I went from a C cup to an A, such a shame!
    And I hate that when I get out of bed I am all stiff and sore and walk like an old lady for at least an hour. I’m not even thirty yet!

  4. I wear an xs or small sports bra too :-/ I’ve recently taken up the habit of spitting while running. I NEVER spit because I think it’s the grossest thing imaginable…now I do it all the time….I’m beginning to wonder what is happening to me…lol

    Have a good run this weekend! 🙂

  5. Good list! I totally agree on number 3. I have weird marks all over my chest. Bananas have magnesium (and potassium, obviously), which helps prevent muscle cramps.

  6. Nice post…I enjoy your writing style. Don’t worry about #8..just keep repeating this to yourself..”To know me is to love me”

  7. I hate running in the dark too–can’t trust people easily. Blame it on an incident last winter. Boo for weirdos. I guess I am not as hard core of a runner because my boobs have not shrunk. I think I am the only girl who wouldn’t mind if they did, and it’s not like they are EE cups where you’d want a little less bounce.

  8. omg LOLing at the spitting… hilarious 🙂

    um yes #8 – the little i had is long gone :-/

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