They don’t give you a badge…

This is my last really intense week of training and it has been a tough one. Work is really busy, I’ve been traveling and to top it off, I’m not feeling great. I NEVER, ever get sick (seriously I’ve been at my job 3 years and never taken a sick day) but I’ve been feeling really rundown. But I’ve been getting my runs done.

Tuesday I was in Long Beach for my runs and it was a treat to get to run by the ocean. Although the path there is concrete and kind of hard on the joints I enjoyed watching the giant ships go in and out of the port (I have a thing for ships, boats and bridges) and smelling the ocean. The conference I was attending had a 7:15am call which meant I got up at 4:45 to get my run done. Thank god for coffee. I skipped the afternoon session to get some more miles and that was… special. I’d already checked out of the hotel so I got my run bag out of storage and realized I’d forgotten my shirt, only had booty shorts and my compression socks. I figured I didn’t really know anyone anyway so I ran in booty shorts, sports bra (a longer one, but still) and compression socks. OY. I’m pretty sure I looked all kinds of crazy and not cute. I ended up with 14 miles on the day.

During the conference I had the opportunity to hear Dara Torres speak. I always love hearing from elite athletes and she had some great stuff to say. I think my main takeaway was that you must remain mentally calm in order to perform well. If you’ve done the work, the performance will come. She told a story about being really upset before Olympic Trials because of all the pressure and how a former coach calmed her down by reminding her of all her hard work, talent and preparation. So I’m practicing remaining calm šŸ™‚ It was also funny to hear her talk about how her body still wants to swim and is healthy despite the massive knee brace (she’s recovering from surgery) she had on. That made me realized that I need to suffer through more pain. I can take it.

Yesterday I needed to get my speed work done but I’d gotten home at 1am so I put it off until after work. I ended up working until 7:30 so I didn’t start my run until almost 8. I lied to my boss and mom about running outside (told them I was finding a treadmill) and tackled 2 x (20 mins easy + 20 mins 8k pace) + 2 miles easy. Despite being tired it actually went well. I hit my times on the nose and it wasn’t too much torture. I mean, running 13 miles at 9pm after a long day isn’t ideal, but I’m glad I did it. While I was cooling down and my legs were hurting I thought to myself, “man they should give me a badge for this!” Then I realized that there are no badges and no committee of people waiting to give me a standing ovation for working out. But then I realized that I don’t really need that. The satisfaction of having the discipline to complete what I’m supposed to without a coach or anyone else pushing was enough. Oh and don’t worry, there were tons of people at the park where I was running. It really is safe. Really.

When I got home I should have realized that I felt off when I didn’t really want dinner. I ate some soup and a few pita chips but even that wasn’t great. I tried to eat a bowl of cereal but just didn’t want it. Needless to say my run this morning was a disaster. After 3 bathroom stops in 1.5 miles, I decided to call it. I either have food poisoning, some kind of weird flu or something but I’m freezing, nauseated and headachey. And I’m still not interested in any kind of food. I can ususally muscle through bad runs, but I’d call that more of a death shuffle and realized it wasn’t doing me any good. Maybe I’ll go later, or maybe not!

Next week is going to be even crazier than this one so I’m happy the mileage backs off a bit. I love getting up at 4am as much as the next girl, but its not sustainable! The marathon is so soon. I can taste it and I’m getting really excited. Respectful of the distance and appropriately nervous, but excited.


3 responses to “They don’t give you a badge…

  1. You are a champ for pulling those runs, but you are smart in staying away from running. A few missed runs will not make or break a marathon. A bad flu or cold that gets worse because you didn’t heal properly will, though.
    Feel better girly, and cant’ wait to see you on Saturday – if you’re feeling up to it! šŸ™‚

  2. Wow you’ve been really intense lately. Thank goodness for coffee indeed!

    Your comment on my blog was very helpful. Thanks!

  3. You definitely do an excellent job of pushing yourself without a coach! Doubles, high mileage, you are very driven šŸ™‚

    sure hope whatever is starting to bog you down clears up! Don’t let the nausea in! I have enough for both of us.

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