Tips for the Traveling Runner

I’ve mentioned that I’m on the road this week and it’s been a little crazy. But there are a few things you can do to make your life easier, get your training in and not gain a million pounds while traveling. I have a million other things to do that are more pressing than blogging, but it’s a nice mental break.

1. Bring snacks. Seriously. Bring things that are fairly non perishable but that you like to eat. Some good things include apples, nuts, granola bars, Luna Bars, bananas, peanut butter and dried fruit. I also bring dry oatmeal and use the hot water from the coffeemaker in the hotel to eat breakfast. Sometimes going long stretches without food results in poor decisions later or will affect your workouts. Anticipate and prevent this.

2. Have self-discipline at restaurants. Eating with your coworkers or friends is key– it’s good bonding time and it’s fun! But don’t order the cheeseburger or mac n cheese. Stick to healthy items. It’s hard to do and it’s not always fun and sometimes you miss out on great food, but… it’s worth it.

3. Make sure your hotel has either a gym or places to run. In fact, the Hyatt usually will hand you a laminated card with running routes and mile markers on it. There are many reasons I heart the Hyatt but this one is particularly awesome. The treadmill is evil and boring and crappy but it’ll work in a pinch.

4. Bring a shoe bag and plastic bag for sweaty running clothes. Getting your nastiness on your suit or work clothes is not professional or cool, so make sure you have a place for them in your suitcase.

5. Buy a garmin. I love being able to run outside no matter where I am. Or, check in with a local specialty running shop or track club website for popular routes that are safe and well-traveled. The San Diego Track Club has some great suggestions– they’re model citizens for visitors!

6. Remind yourself that running is a priority and make time for it. It’s easy to slack off when you’re out of your normal routine so plan around your workout and be willing to be flexible. Sometimes you’ll ahve to run at odd times, but be willing to do so. And don’t give up if your routine gets thrown off.

7. Bring a nalgene bottle. Yes, the kind with BPA that are allegedly killing you. First of all, you can fill it up at the soda machine in the airport and avoid $9 water and secondly, you can use it as a foam roller in a pinch. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rolled out my IT Band on that guy.

I think those are my main tips. The great thing about running is that really all you need are your shoes. It’s much easier to go on a run than a bike ride or swim when you’re on the road! Plus, if you’re somewhere cool, you might get to see something you might not normally.

I got 7 miles on the treadmill done today. It was not pretty. The workout room was AWFUL and well over 80 degrees. Plus I’d been on my feet, in heels, on concrete literally all day so I wasn’t exactly stoked to go running. But I’m glad I did. I feel refreshed now and less pent up. Hopefully I’ll get to run outside tomorrow. Hasta later!


6 responses to “Tips for the Traveling Runner

  1. Good tips…I actually checked my list of blogs in Google Reader to see if there was a post from Running Commentaries…before marking all as read…glad I found your post.

  2. Great tips! on the road I live by #1. Must have food with me at all times.

  3. awesome tips!!!! i dont really have to travel for work but if i ever did i would come back to this post 🙂 love the water bottle/foam roller!

    great job getting 7 in on the tready… especially right now with it being dark its hard to get the runs in in odd places!

  4. Rolling out on the Nalgene is a brilliant idea!

  5. ugh i am soo tired of running while traveling! story of my life! never thought of the nalgene tip – that is an excellent one.

  6. Great tips; thanks!!

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