Funny running story– why not?

To break up the monotony of my journey to CIM (I mean, how many times can I write, “I ran 20 miles and it hurt” without getting boring) I thought I’d tell you all a funny running story.

Once upon a time there was a girl who liked to run. She signed up for a marathon and decided to run the Clarksburg 20 Mile Race in 2007. Now, the girl needed many supplies in order to run the marathon because she was uneducated, inexperienced, slow and somewhat chubby which required many trips down to the local running store. At the running store there was a guy… a really, really hot guy. A mysterious, hot and super nice guy who made the girl totally sweat and stutter every time he came near. And this particular girl is cool as a cucumber but this dude was something special.

Now, as I mentioned the girl has said, Clarksburg 2007 turned into a horrible death march where an intolerance to Accelerade and gu was discovered. And as I mentioned during my Cowtown report legend has it, when the girl has a hard time running, puking ensues. So… the girl was death marching up to mile 19 of the Clarksburg race, feeling terrible, wishing to be hit by a car, raptured or somehow finished when all of a sudden, the hot guy from the running store appeared! And he was cheering! For this girl! So, the girl opened her mouth to say, “thanks” to the guy and instead of thanking him threw up neon blue Accelerade/gu/water/toast all over the road. Three times. And she nearly died of embarrassment.

And then the girl told the story to her coach, Alberto. And wouldn’t you know– Alberto ran track in college with the hot guy!

Anyway… I’m going to stop writing in that ridiculous voice but as it turns out the dude is totally friends with my high school cross country coach, my current coach and, as it turns out, a super nice and cool guy. We’re actually kind of friends now (he has a gf, don’t get excited) and he’s someone that I bounce ideas off of. In fact, he’s a really great coach and I value the tidbits of advice he gives me. He’s a super fast runner and coaches a local team so he can speak to both the turtle-like me of 2 years ago, and the faster (but not yet fast) me of today. In fact, and this is mortifying, but one of the reasons I got faster a year ago was that he runs with a group run on Sunday mornings and I didn’t want to look slow and chubby in front of the hot dude. So I’d really push the pace when he was on the group runs which meant I was getting some tempo in my long runs. Whatever works, right?

And, hilariously, I’m not sure he knows that the girl who threw up neon blue liquid on his shoes is me. And I’ll never tell him. I’m kind of over the part where I think he’s hot (although he remains quite good looking and seriously every girl in Sacramento who goes to this store takes notice of the part where he’s easy on the eyes) but the story remains hilarious/embarrassing. And now, every time I see him cheering and coaching at a race (which is often) I have a little laugh over the blue incident. And really, I knew I’d “made it” (or at least am on my way) was when I got respect for my running from him. Instead of just giving me advice, he started treating me like an equal (now he runs in the 6 min pace range so we’re totally NOT equals but still) and saying “runners like us” or “people training at our level.” To this day when he says something like that I get a little excited because he’s a) hot b) a good runner and c) a good coach.

But that’s not the point. The point is that sometimes you’re going to throw up neon blue Accelerade all over the hot guy. And there’s no moral to the story either, it’s just funny.


8 responses to “Funny running story– why not?

  1. Haha that’s great. Does he read your blog? 😉

  2. Very cute! And just like Jess, does he read this? Hahahaha!

  3. HILARIOUS!!! I love the way you ended this too, I literally laughed out loud!

    Great few weeks you’ve had, keep it up! You are gonna kick ass at CIM!

  4. lol looooove it ❤

  5. this so sounds like something that would happen to me! HAHAHAHA Love it!

  6. That’s funny stuff! Sounds like something that should have happened to me!

  7. hahaha. niiice on the puke job. pretty cool though! hot guys are def good motivation.

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