Checking in on the weight issue

I know I’m writing a lot this week. I think the taper crazies have come early to find me! I guess I just have a lot to say and need to get it all out there. Anyway, a while back I blogged that I wanted to shed some poundage before CIM. Genetically I’m pretty dense and I think my body’s preferred state is, “chubby.” So I bought a scale and I’ve been faithfully weighing myself and checking in on my body fat pretty regularly. Now, with 24 days to go until CIM it’s time for a check in!

The biggest thing I’ve learned is that my body weight really does fluctuate about 2-6 pounds depending on time of day and month. I also learned, and this is totally counter intuitive, but when I track my calories, I overeat. I’ll be at the end of a day and think, “sweet! I have 600 left!” and eat a snack or something whereas if I were just going through my day I probably wouldn’t. Tracking also made me kind of unbearable to be around and obnoxious at restaurants. I’m already totally high maintenance (salad please, no cheese, dressing on the side oh and can I have beans? etc etc) and tapping everything in was just irritating people.

So anyway… according to my scale I’ve lost about 3 pounds. Maybe even 4. I’ve also gotten my body fat down about 3% (to 21%) which is more important. I did briefly see a 19% body fat reading but I think that was a function of being dehyrdated, not lean. I’d like to lose more but as we found out yesterday underfueling is not the way to do it! My clothes confirm that I’m a little leaner. I have a pair of jeans that I can only really wear when I’m at or near a race– they’re pretty tight and don’t have a lot of give and I was able to get them on last night (these jeans lead to a no buying clothes during taper rule). I can also tell when I’m getting lean because I can’t sleep on my side– it hurts my hip bones and my knees knock together. Well, I can’t sleep on my side right now. I also don’t have as much of a muffin coming over my running shorts– race photos confirm this (oh and I don’t worry, I analyze those suckers for fat like whoa).

So how the heck do you get the weight down while running so much? It’s not rocket science.

1. Lots of fruits and vegetables– duh. I don’t need to elaborate.
2. Don’t buy stuff that’s trouble for you even if it’s healthy. I have a hard time with yogurt and granola. Yeah, it’s healthy but I LOVE IT SO MUCH that I’ll put away a whole box in a week. Granola has a lot of sugar and calories and I can’t be trusted with it so… no buying it 😦 Instead I put regular cereal in my yogurt (plain) which isn’t as delicious but more healthy. And if I’m dying at night I’ll have some regular cereal or oatmeal (that seems to be one of the few things that sticks with me) or have fruit.
3. I cut meat out of my diet almost entirely. I still eat turkey sandwiches for lunch now and then and chicken makes an appearance about once every other week, but mostly I get protein from beans and dairy. You don’t need as much protein as you think.
4. I ate very low fat– the only fats I get are from almonds, avocados, walnuts, olive oil and some low-fat dairy. I don’t eat cheese at all (occasionally non fat feta and rarely goat cheese) and I keep my nut eating (that’s what she said) in check.
5. Booze. This is the sad one because I really love to have wine with dinner. But booze makes you fat. It does. So I really, really tried to keep the booze to a minimum. Sometimes I was successful at this (this week) and other times (last Friday’s drunkfest) I was not. But when I’m not drinking at all I lose weight.
6. I looked for small ways to cut calories (removed the milk from my oatmeal, sandwich thins instead of bread at lunch, no salad dressing, mini luna bars not full, etc) but remain satiated.
7. Don’t be a psycho. I still have a cookie every now and then and keep dark chocolate in the house to chew on if I need something sweet. I just keep the portion in check.
8. Ask “is this worth it?” Some things (pumpkin spice lattes, chocolate chip cookies, pizza when you’re drunk work-buzzed) are worth it. Some things (sober pizza, Chipotle, store-bought cookies, donuts, cake) aren’t. Pick and choose and then eat half.

Hopefully I’ll be at fighting weight when December 6th rolls around. Thankfully I sort of hate Thanksgiving food (I’m more of a Mexican food, Italian food, all desert but pie kind of person) so that shouldn’t be a problem. I’m also hosting the whole family (OMG) so I’ll have a LOT of control over what goes in the food. But really, it all comes down to self-discipline. It’s not easy trying to lose weight when you’re running all the time. There were times during my peak weaks that I was so hungry it was painful but that’s over now so I should be able to reign it in.

This morning I ran a really uneventful, garmin-less 5 miles. It went like this: wake up, put running clothes on, listen to Adam Carolla be awesome while running 5 flat miles, eat breakfast. I’m at 49 miles this week so I’ll cap out at 55. Alberto will be mad, but I’ll just blame him for giving my long ass workouts!


3 responses to “Checking in on the weight issue

  1. I really try hard not to focus on my weight – I could go crazy if I did. I am a runner, and I need to eat, so although I do indulge occassionally, I really stick to the healthy stuff. You sound like you have an awesome plan to rein it in. Keep up the good work. And just think, after CIM we can toast a guilt free beer together!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. glad you are feeling good girl!!!

    i used to not eat cheese but when i went to the nutritionist she told me i needed more fat so thats one way i get it… plus the protein too. the rest of the stuff i am right there with you on πŸ™‚ cept cereal – thats probably my “problem” food haha, i eat too many boxes a week!!

    oh but i do have to disagree on chipotle – so worth it πŸ™‚ haha

  3. I’m not a Thanksgiving food girl either and much prefer a good plate of Mexican. Maybe we should venture down South of the border one of these T’givings :).

    I think it fuels the body better to eat 6 smaller meals thoughtout the day. Not sure if you do this but it helps. Portein is vital, too, for runners to heal the tired muscles.

    Hope you have a great taper week….excited for your upcoming marathon πŸ™‚

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