Davis Turkey Trot Race Report and Last Long Run

On Saturday I raced in the Davis Turkey Trot. For the uninitiated, Davis is a small-ish college town about 12 miles west of Sacramento and I love it. Basically if you don’t bike or run or do triathlon and live there they kick you out. I honestly think there are more bikes and organic grocery stores than people. So needless to say, they put on great races.

Aron had mentioned she was running the race and I really wanted to do it for a couple of reasons. 1. I love a Thanksgiving race and I’m hosting my family this year so no Run to Feed the Hungry for me (boooo) 2. I like shorter races and wanted to see what I could do 3. I’ve had trouble completing my speedwork but I know during a race I won’t let up. So I signed up! I checked with Alberto to make sure it was ok to race this close to the marathon and was given the go ahead to “race it and have fun!” (Side note: he sent me the nicest email this week about training, the race, etc that I think really made me feel ready. Love that JackAlberto and btw don’t tell him I said this but I think he’s going to go 2:27 at CIM)

I got to the race nice and early and oh man, it was cold. We get this awful winter fog that chills your bones and it was out for the first time this year. I was numb and kind of shaky and super annoyed wtih myself that I didn’t bring gloves or arm warmers. I wore the booty shorts and short sleeves which don’t exactly keep you warm! I quickly found Aron and went to the bathroom about a million times. I think I was kind of nervous! My 10k PR was really soft– I set it in January on a pretty hilly course (I think my PR at that time was 50:30 maybe? I remember it being around 8:05 pace) so I figured short of a total disaster I’d PR.

Side note- the Bachelor, Andy Baldwin, was totally at this race. I saw a SUPER good looking guy who looked familiar and since I lived in LA for almost 4 years my celebrity-radar is finely calibrated. I just google-imaged him and it was totally him. NO clue why he’d be running the Davis Turkey Trot but hey, the celebs (other than Arnold who I see all the time so I’m over it) aren’t exactly around here so it was fun. He was with an adorable, tiny, fast girl and ran a 6:37 pace (just stalked the race results, it was totally him), so props to him.

After a brief-ish warm up I sadly left my long sleeves behind and changed into my racing shoes. The fog had burned off so it was actually not so cold at the start. Then, we were off! I went out waaaaaaay too fast– like, 6:50 pace. I love short races so I was happy to “only” being doing a 10k. I tried to reign myself in and went through the first mile at 7:24. Ummm too fast Amy. I reigned myself in and settled into a much more manageable 7:45 pace. I wanted to race this race by feel, not by garmin so I really didn’t glance at my watch much except at mile splits– I know my body well enough and I don’t want data screwing up a PR or to get depressed by a slow pace in the middle.

I think the course went through some parks on a bike trail but truthfully I was so focused on running, my form and trying to run the tangents that I don’t really know. I don’t think I looked to the left or the right the entire time. Right around mile 4 I started to wish I’d opted for the 5k. I was getting tired and it felt like the race would never end! So, I told myself I could run at marathon pace for .5 miles and then I needed to pick it up to the end. It was kind of windy but I found a nice, tall 6’3 guy to tuck behind.

Right around mile 5 there was a TINY TINY TINY hill over some railroad tracks or a bike path or something (I told you I didn’t look) which felt like a small mountain… but then I turned on the heat to the finish. Or at least I tried to. I came through the finish in 48:40 which was defnitely a new PR and 7:50 pace which was right around perfect.

I’m pretty happy to have set a new PR and with the time. I actually think I could have run faster. Miles 3-5 I just kept thinking about the marathon and how I didnt’ want to risk getting hurt by going “all out” so I think I subconsciously pulled back. I also think if I hadn’t gone out like a rocket I could have avoided the crush in the middle. I really need to break my habit of going out too fast. Still though, I finished in the top-10 of my age group and PRd, so it’s fine. I’m just happy my legs still know how to turn over! At any rate, I’m a sub-49 10ker now and it felt good to get in a long, hard effort and not totally collapse.

I’m not sore at all today although my legs were pretty tired during my “long” run (12 miles) this morning. I just kept the pace easy and didn’t worry about it. My neck is really sore but that’ll go away. Oh and I decided to go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving after the race. I looked AMAZING in booty shorts, too-big North Face fleece, flag barrettes, running shoes and salt all over my face. I want my dignity back.

CIM is 14 days away. After yesterday I finally feel ready and I’m starting to get excited. I’m really not nervous– the hay is in the barn and what’s going to happen that day is what’s going to happen. I feel pretty at peace that I’ve done everything I can to prepare myself for a great race and to be the best runner I can be that morning, so I just need to stay healthy, not waste energy stressing about things I can’t control and quit losing my arm warmers! This week should be really easy– only 42 miles which after high-mileage-palooza feels like nothing. In fact, I think I may only run 5 days this week which is insane to me. But I’m going to be a good girl and not run too much.

Finally, check out this interview with Kara Goucher. She’s so right about so many things and it really pumped me up. Love me some Kara.


4 responses to “Davis Turkey Trot Race Report and Last Long Run

  1. Congrats! I find 10k’s really hard…

  2. Great job on the PR! Can’t believe it’s two weeks away!!!! Can’t wait! 😉

  3. fun day!! well kinda, haha. those 10ks are tough and you did a GREAT job out there! watch out CIM!!!

  4. Congrats on the PR!!!! I think 10Ks are evil, but I’ve only ran a 10K once and it was the day after I had an 18 miler….I might need to try it again to confirm their atrociousness 😉

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