Of course.

Every taper or big race it seems like something goes wrong. I trained really hard for a half marathon back in march and was hit by a motorcycle jogging to the start (I was fine but my head wasn’t really in the game during the race and it really scared me). Last CIM I hurt my hip the week before and today… well today I rolled my ankle on a stupid 5 mile run.

I’m at my mom’s and was running on a dirt trail in the huge park that’s around here. I was just running along, not paying very close attention to my footfalls and I think I stepped on an acorn just wrong and went down. I figured it was the kind of ankle roll that feels better if you run it off so I did (and I actually had a decent run) but now that I’ve stopped it definitely hurts. I am certainly not happy about this but it’s my own fault for not paying better attention.

The good news is that it’s not swollen or bruised too badly and it’s definitely not broken… and I guess I have my one thing to obsess about between now and the race… it just underscores the need to be very, very careful between now and Sunday.

Speaking of careful, I’m not one to take germs very seriously. I have a decent immune system and am sort of of the “God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt” school of thinking. Whatever the opposite of a germaphobe is, I’m that. But the last week or 2 I’ve actually been using hand sanitizer and telling people to stay away. No sickness, please.

Other than that, tapering continues to go well I guess. I mean, I’m not running very much… my legs feel pretty fresh (other than the stupid rolled ankle) and I totally feel like I’m getting out of shape and bloated which is part for the course.

Tapering during Thanksgiving is hard though! Everywhere I look there’s food (even though I don’t like Thanksgiving food I do like dessert and that keeps appearing) and good wine and I feel like a freak for constantly saying no. But that’s ok because in 8 days my all cookie, beer, wine and burrito diet begins!

Anyway, 8 days. Weather is looking solid, outfit is planned… just need to get this ankle back to 100%.

Finally, some photos from the turkey trot in Davis. If you thought I was kidding about being in pain, these should convince you otherwise.

Ow this hurts!

Where is the stupid finish?

FINALLY. The finish! Longest 10k ever!


7 responses to “Of course.

  1. oh shoot! That’s exactly what I did a few weeks ago, but I rolled it so hard that I fell … it only took 3 days for my ankle to feel completely normal, just ice it and maybe consider an NSAID on race day.
    I can’t beleive they had pro photos at that trot! That’s awesome. I was analyzing your picture and … I have questions … Garmin 405 or 305? What brand are your booty shorts, they look comfy and the material looks thick? And … do you keep specific shoes for racing and different ones for training? Ok, my nosy questions are done haha!

  2. you will be fine… just ice and rest that baby and it will be good as new! just gives you more of an excuse to stay off your feet and rest the legs, right? and something to obsess over besides whatever is happening in 8 days is good too.

    and omg i cant believe you were hit by a motorcycle!

  3. Ugh I saw that on Twitter and was hoping it wasn’t too bad! Definitely ice it and take it easy – you should be fine.

    I can’t believe you were HIT BY A MOTORCYCLE. Like, omg, my jaw dropped at that part!!!

  4. Argh, it figures. Stupid taper. Sounds like you’ll be fine by the race, but how annoying for you!

  5. I rolled an ankle about a week before a marathon once and it hurt like heck but a few days later was okay. You’ll be good to go next weekend :).

  6. Don’t worry too much about the ankle. I have really weak ankles/lower legs, and I roll my ankles all the time, and it’s never serious. Maybe take some ibuprofen and ice it, and you’ll be fine tomorrow 🙂

  7. boo! hope it feels better by the weekend. i rolled my ankle and banged my knee the night before a half-marathon once, if that makes you feel any better. 😉

    healing vibes~~

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