Where Have I Been?

I thought it might be fun to make a list of everywhere I’ve run in the last 19 weeks in order to achieve my mileage while working and traveling. The list ended up a little bit staggering– thank goodness for Garmins that allow me to run anywhere!

The Embarcadero in San Francisco (x3)
Downtown San Diego
The Silverado Trail in Napa
Chico, CA (x3)
Pre’s Trail in Eugene, OR (x2)
Long Beach, CA
A treadmill in an 85 degree hotel room at the Picadilly Inn in Fresno
Iron Horse Trail through San Ramon, CA
Lafayette/Moraga Trail
Healdsburg to Lake Sonoma
Santa Rosa, CA
And I’m pretty sure that there’s more! And for those keeping track at home that was 1,031 miles in 18 weeks.

My run was total crap this morning. I felt really anxious the entire time and I was really slow. I’m not worried about it, but I need to chill out. Feeling anxious is only going to waste energy that I’m going to need for the race. The ankle still hurts but is feeling better every day, so that’s good (thanks for all the reassurance everyone!).

Yesterday I had coffee with Alberto and it got me so excited for the race. We talked a little bit of strategy and I think I know what I’m going to do at the start– of course it all depends on how I’m feeling that day but I feel good about the direction we talked about. He also said, “the odds of you doing what you want to do are in your favor. You still have to go and do it, but if you’ve done all the training and put the work in, the odds of failure are very minimal. The only way you can fail is if you get mental.” So note to self: NO GOING MENTAL.

I’m also pleased to report that despite Thanksgiving, a reduction in mileage, feeling gigantic and being worried that I might eat my arm off if left alone too long that I’m the lowest weight I’ve ever been in my entire life and a pleasing 18% body fat. It could be lower but given my life and the fact that I spent the last 3 months in a constant state of hunger, I’ll take it. Also, I went to buy jeans on Saturday and realized that the last time I bought jeans during taper I couldn’t wear them 3 weeks later. So I held off, haha.

I guess now it’s just hurry up and wait. I’m going to try and keep my life super mellow, focus on Christmas shopping, getting my house ready for my Christmas party and not obsess over the race. Ummm, what else? Not much. Get ready for me to obsess a lot this week. I mean, I don’t know if you got the memo, but I’m running a marathon in 6 days.


5 responses to “Where Have I Been?

  1. 18% is very fit and you don’t need to be lower, no matter what your lifestyle! You’re doing great, just keep that confidence up!

  2. I’ve started my taper for Tucson and I HATE it; it is the absolute worst…aside from the post-week off when I’m eating half the house – and more. I think writing it all out in a blog will help reduce the stress…at least that’s what I’m planning :). It just never gets easier! No going mental, okay???

    Very impressive on the bf. You’re doing awesome, keep focused!

  3. 18%? I’d eat arms for that. You’re doing really really really well – just stay focused. You’ve done ALL the training – physical AND mental. Just do the thing now.

  4. Stay calm and don’t let the taper madness mess with your head before the race even starts! You can do this…

  5. NO GOING MENTAL… either of us.

    you have done the training, you have worked so hard, trust it all, get excited, nerves are good, we are almost there!!!

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