4 Days!

I apologize for filling up everyone’s google readers but my friends don’t want to hear about CIM anymore and I need to process. So you can skip me if you want.

I’m happy to report that I’m much less mental today. My run, which was all of 45 minutes, was devoid of any hyperventilating and I left my watch at home which I think was smart– you can’t panic about your pace if you don’t know what it is. I took my new arm

These make me feel like Dr. Suess

warmers for a trial run and they stayed up, didn’t chafe and seem to be warm. Because they are wool they are a bit scratchy but I lost my asics pair, so this is what I have. As an aside, they were advertised as a 2-pack which I assumed meant 2 pair, but as it turned out it was 2 as in, we have 2 arms, therefore we need a 2 pack. As in 1 pair. LAME.

I went to my ART doctor for a final tune-up and let him dig around in my glute for about half an hour. It was painful– really painful– but it feels so much better now. I think my pelvis and hips are back where they belong and the knot in my glute appears to be almost 90% gone. I’ll continue with the trigger point roller of evil and the foam roller of semi-evil and it should be good to go.

One thing that seems extremely, extremely odd is that I am losing weight hand over fist this week. I’ve lost about 6 lbs since last Thursday and it’s consistent day-to-day and doesn’t seem to be a water-based thing. I’m eating a fair amount especially given my reduced mileage and I’m not really holding back on snacks if I feel hungry but I keep losing weight! Normally I’d be throwing a party, and believe me I’m not UNhappy, but I want to make sure I have enough glycogen in my system and that I’m not underfueling. So, starting tomorrow it’s going to be a carb party. I’m sure all those carbs will bloat me up nice and big.

Last night I drove to an event in Folsom and um, it’s far away. It took half an hour to DRIVE there.Β  And I’ll be running from there! I also drove miles 21-24 today (not intentionally, I just live here and needed to go to Trader Joes for post-race candy cane joe joes and also yogurt) and started to get really excited about the race. The road closure signs are up and I saw spray paint for the mile markers.

So for now it’s all about staying positive, obsessing but in a good way, and reminding myself that hey Sunday? Get ready to be DOMINATED.

Oh and here’s my race outfit for anyone wondering:

This plus arm warmers ok?


11 responses to “4 Days!

  1. you definitely sound much more together πŸ™‚ yayyyyy! 4 days to go. can you send me pics of the road closures if you go by them again hehehe. outfit is perfect!

    watch out carbs here we come!

  2. alot of people are running CIM! Good luck you’ll do great!! And have fun! I like your arm warmers! Who makes them??

  3. Cool arm warmers; I need to get me some for my race in Tucson. Time to carb up – it’s going to rocket fuel you an awesome finish. Go get ’em girl!

  4. Good luck on Sunday! I am trying to get a handle on the weather. It seems like Sacramento is a little warmer than the Seattle area but maybe not a whole lot… I am the kind of person who only goes sleeveless and shorts in the deadest head of summer, and I wear long sleeves and jackets even in rather mild weather. I am inclined to wear a long sleeved shirt or light half-zip unless it seems likely to be QUITE warm, but I’m not sure how much it will warm up between 7 a.m. and 11-ish. I’ll probably pack a ton of stuff and try to gauge things on Friday and Saturday….

  5. You sound so much better! Yay!
    And I am on board for carbo-loading tomorrow! I love bagels – mmmmm.
    Very cool about the signs – I guess it is really happening! That is histarical about the arm warmers! πŸ™‚

  6. You have enough Glycogen and fat to run a few marathons back-to-back. You normally eat something (Gels?) on long runs and the race anyway, right? Carbo-loading the night before a race is an old wives tale anyway.

    Stick with routine and believe in yourself and you’ll do fine. Good luck!

  7. I’m just glad you got the joe-joe’s so I don’t have to send you any of my boxes again. πŸ˜›

  8. glad you are chilling out a little πŸ™‚

    you always have the blogosphere to turn to! i know real-life (/not-running-obsessed) friends get sick of me ONLY talking about running too. i’m such a running loser, can’t think of anything else to talk about…

    stay calm and cool these last few days! you’ll do great!

  9. The road closure signs are up??? Gaaahhh!

    You are gonna kick ass, girl. ‘Dominate’ is RIGHT!

    If you’re looking for me, I’ll be wearing the face of a girl trying not to die.

  10. Stick with it! You’re so focused for your race that I think you’ll do really well. Try not to carb too much though (throw a little protein in there) because all carbs and no protein makes for bloating and breakdown of muscle proteins that wouldn’t be so good for the race! Best of luck to you!

  11. Love the arm warmers. I hear you on the blog reader. Although I type a bunch then don’t publish because I sound neurotic and crazy. LOL. Good Luck Sunday! You’ll be crossing that finish line way faster than me but I’ll be at the expo around lunch time Saturday so maybe (if I recognize you) I’ll tap you on the shoulder and say hello!

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