My Running Essentials

A few of you have asked me what some of my favorite running clothes are, how I keep warm in the winter and what I like to wear when putting in the miles. Since the only exercise I’m getting lately is from moving my hand from the cookie jar to my mouth, now seems as good of a time as any to talk about something that’s unrelated to workouts, races or pacing.

The first thing you should know is that I’m pretty much a cheapskate. The thought of paying full price for something makes me want to cry. I don’t do it. Also, just about everything that is a favorite of mine has been purchased at Fleet Feet in Sacramento or Chico. Despite my frugal ways I prefer to spend my money locally when at all possible and you can usually work sales or coupons or their frequent buyer program. So I guess we’ll start at the head and work our way down.

Nike Thermal Hoodie, Nike Tempo Shorts (after a race and I feel awful)

I have a Sporthill Sports ear warmer I wear when it’s really cold. It’s dorky but a beanie doesn’t allow me to wear my hair in a ponytail and since I have as much hair as 3 average people (it’s too heavy and long for braids or a bun) it’s just not an option. This works nicely and I really wish I had worn it during CIM. Moving down…

I usually layer up to keep my core warm. I find that if my core is warm I can wear shorts even on the coldest days. I think I mentioned awhile ago that I went through a weird phase where I decided that real runners don’t wear tights and refused to wear them. I have no idea (ok yes I do, my coach mocked tights wearers and since I wasn’t yet confident I was a “real” runner I wouldn’t wear them) what caused that but I ran through all of last winter in shorts. Stupid. Anyway, the Nike Cold Weather Hoodie is my favorite winter running top. It’s fleecy, has hand warmers and is very flattering. I usually wear one of those layered over another Nike short sleeved tech shirt. I don’t generally take it off but I like knowing I have the option to strip down should I get too hot.

If it’s raining I have a jacket from Road Runner Sports that I like a lot. It has a detachable hood, lots of pockets and its decently waterproof. It doesn’t chafe or restrict my movement and it’s actually flattering enough to wear around on a rainy Saturday while you do errands. Another plus– it has an internal ipod pocket and space for your ear phones so you don’t have to give up your tunes just because it’s raining.

Road Runner Sports Jacket

On my legs I usually wear Nike Tempo Shorts like the rest of the world unless I’m racing or it’s hot (then the booty shorts come out to play) but every once in awhile I wear tights. I have a pair of Mizuno Thermal Tights that are ok and I also have my CW-X tights but I’m not necessarily in love with any of these options. I actually find that I’m warmer in shorts a good amount of time– something about the tights material makes my booty really cold! I think the lining in my shorts + shorts material keeps my booty warmer which makes me feel warmer.

Sports bra, gloves and socks

Finally, accessories. Oh, and sports bra. I used to wear the sports bras from Target and they worked ok. I don’t have a lot going on there but after getting stuck on a work trip and having to buy a sports bra I caved and bought the Moving Comfort Lila Bra. I will never buy anything else. I love that thing. It’s extremely comfortable, comes in A/B or C/D, lasts forever and feels awesome on. I can tell a huge difference when I wear it and it is totally worth the money. I’m about a 32/34 A/B and bought the Small A/B (TMI? Sorry to the gentlemen readers) and it fits perfectly if a little tight.

If it is really cold I wear these cute Brooks running gloves I got from my brother last year. I am sure they were pricey so I do not wear them for races (I buy the Target 2/1.50 so I can toss them) but they’re hard to beat for training runs. Breathable, bright pink and comfy.

So that’s about it. I also have about 1,000 long-sleeved Nike thermal tech shirts that I love and a couple of Asics long-sleeves that are nice, too. And of course we can’t forget my love for the arm warmers! Turns any short-sleeve into a long one!

Not much going on around here if we’re going to talk about running. I feel recovered but know I need to take it easy so just one more week of no running. I really want/need to exercise so I think I’m going to hit the dreaded gym tomorrow. Ew. I hate the gym and working out inside but I’m starting to feel like a cow and I’m a bit edgy from not moving my body. Outside of running I’m having lots of fun, though. Christmas parties galore and lots of sleeping. Taking a break is good for the soul.


2 responses to “My Running Essentials

  1. I don’t like running in tights either! But i have some as well!!

    I have alot of hair as well! Thick, thick, thick.! I bought a Nike hat that has a ponytail hole! I have a picture and link on my blog. i LOVE it!!! It’s not a heavy hat though! But I can still wear my ponytail braided and stick it thru the hole!!

  2. Thanks for your running attire blog, I love hearing what others wear (but for whatever reasons, I cannot see your pictures 😦 ). I bought some throw away gloves at Kohls for my marathon last weekend for $1.75. They were butt-ugly with these gawdy jewels on them and I wore them for a couple training runs before the race. I threw them at mile 5 (why I had them on in the first place is beyond me) and now I kinda miss those dang things. Ha. No more getting attached to gloves! I need a couple new sport bras; I have nothing going on in that department either and have been wearing the all in one sport bra/tank shirt piece but think I’d rather have a separate unit in winter!

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