Quite a Sunday

Well, today was quite a bit of fun. I mean, I ran, I biked, I churched, I ate, I cooked and I baked!

I think one of the best things about NOT marathon training right now is that I have the time to have people over for dinner and to do it right. I’m not exhausted from 20 miles of running and I’m not anticipating a 4am wakeup call, so I can have a little fun. I mean on Saturday night I went to a BAR with loud music and boys and champagne and I wore heels. And eye makeup (ok I always wear heels and makeup but I do not stay up until 1am!). It’s like I don’t even know myself anymore! But let’s back up.

This morning was Fleet Feet’s annual Holiday 3 miler– a “race” to benefit the Salvation Army and an all around good time. The course is out on a gravel levee (kind of in the ghetto but whatever) doesn’t have chips or a way to keep track of times and is just feel good fun. I’ve never been able to go and so this morning I figured I had just enough time to run the 3 miles, come home, shower and get to church on time. I had words with myself in the car and let myself know that I was to run EASY and no faster. I’m only 14 days from CIM and I don’t need to run like a banshee right now.

Oh, backing up further I tried to do a long run yesterday and that was stupid. I ran 12 miles and my IT band and glutes let me know that it was stupid, impatient and not ok. So anyway, I was sore-ish this morning! I got to the levee and immediately saw hot Fleet Feet Guy (of puking fame) and talked about my CIM time with him (I hadn’t seen him since mile 23). Apparently PR-ing by an hour in 2 years “unheard of for a runner and really something to be excited about” so for the first time, I was. Like I’ve said before I really respect his opinion and it was great to hear he was proud. He also had the right things to say about the marathon being a long race and was really encouraging about my potential as a runner. Clearly I still heart him. As a friend, duh.

So I lined up in the middle of the pack with no ipod, watch or anything and took off running. I was keeping the pace easy but then I started to get passed by people wearing costumes, fuel belts and other ridiculous accessories. I determined this to be beneath my station as a runner and passed them all. Wow, I’m mean. Mostly I’m just so competitive and don’t like to be passed and those were easy targets. There’s nothing wrong with a fuel belt or costume although for 3 miles I think you’d live without it.

The race was a blast though. I’d started to question if I wanted to continue racing and training hard and this morning in the company of my fellow runners on a cold December morning, the answer was, “yes. I belong here.” I ended up running 24:50 for the 3 miles, oops. Not easy pace. But whatever, I beat the dude in a fuel belt and antlers and that’s all that matters. My IT felt awful but I discovered if I put pressure on my glute, the pain went away. So I rolled around on a tennis ball and feel pretty good now.

This afternoon I went on a 40 mile (um thought it was going to be 20 but it’s cool) bike ride with my friend Jason. It felt good and also weird to be on my bike again. I definitely don’t love it like I do running and my shoulders and booty are SCREAMING at me right now, but it was fun to do something other than running. Toward then end I got a little cranky (low blood sugar) and cold, but I’m looking forward to spending some time on my bike soon.I also like that being a runner means I’m fit enough to just jump on my bike and ride 40 miles without thinking about it.

Now, I’m prepping some amazing and unhealthy food for some friends coming over. How cute is my table? So I have to go since I’m wearing (and get your imagination cranked up here because it’s sooooo hot) bike shorts, uggs, a race tshirt, fleece apron and hat. Pretty sure I don’t want to get busted like this. I have wine to open, carbonara to make, sourdough to slice and almond cake with lemon curd (with lemons from my garden!) to eat. And no, I haven’t cracked into the wine early, I’m just um, special.


3 responses to “Quite a Sunday

  1. I wore heels to a bar for the first time in…a year?…on Saturday. Weird.

  2. yes you belong there 🙂

  3. it’s been forever since i’ve worn heels. even when i go out i’m like, eh, i don’t want sore shins… haha. i’m sooo lazy at looking presentable! 😉

    i always wonder about people who bring all these things along for a 5k or something. i try to give them the benefit of the doubt like maybe they’re doing a long run and this is part of it, but well that excuse doesn’t seem plausible every time. glad you enjoyed your run and are enjoying your time not-training!

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