Tour de Christmas Lights

I firmly believe that there are two types of people– those who wait for fun to come to them and those who create their own fun. I am all about creating my own fun. So… last night I organized a group of girls to participate in the first annual “Tour de Christmas Lights” here in Sacramento. There’s a neighborhood full of gorgeous houses

Pretty much all the houses look like this

known as the “Fab 40s” (it’s actually part of the CIM route) where people go all out with the Christmas decorations and lights. I sent an email to every girl I know who has ever gone running, printed some maps with a 4 or 5 mile route, grabbed the head lamp and headed to the meeting spot. Obviously I’m just a little, teeny tiny bit Type-A so I made laminated pocket-maps of the route complete with turn by turn directions, stars at each mile marker and “key houses with sweet decorations.” This is why I run marathons– if I’m not channeling my energy somewhere it comes out in other ways. Like overdone maps for a fun run!

Posing in front of some lights

I was honestly surprised how many people wanted to come! It rained yesterday so quite a few people wimped out, but at one point I had 17 people confirmed as a, “yes.” We started running down the main street in the 40s and bobbed and weaved through all the various houses. I was a little nervous about the whole thing because while it sounded fun to me, I’m prone to hare-brained ideas and I wasn’t sure if the other girls would think traipsing through the neighborhood was as fun as I think it is. Turns out, they loved it! The weather was perfect (50 degrees and clear) and we saw some pretty fun sights along the way.

1. Who wouldn’t decorate their porta potty for Christmas?

Hi, I'm a decorated porta potty!

2. One house, entitled “Cartoon Explosion” had plywood cutouts of various cartoons including Sponge Bob:

More of the Cartoon Explosion

Me with Sponge Bob!

We had a great time! After CIM and 19 weeks of slavery to pace, distance, miles per week, racing, etc it was nice to just get out and run with other girls and have a lot of fun. I think it’s easy to get wrapped up in the intensity of racing and goals (which is fine, there’s a place for that too) so it was fun to shake it up a little bit and do something different. It was also a great reminder to include others in my running– the miles flew by (I mean sure, it was only 4 but still) and I loved chatting with all the girls.

The run was technically part of the Girls on the Grid project I’m a part of and everyone had such a good time that we are thinking of making the runs a monthly “thing” with a different theme and location each month. I think it would be great for like-minded women runners to come together every month to support one another, catch up and get some miles while doing it. Sort of a running happy hour.

Ok, I’m still not recovered from this cold and Day Quil is making me ramble. That’s it from here.


6 responses to “Tour de Christmas Lights

  1. i wish i was closer so i could have come – soooo fun!!!

  2. That sounds like a blast!!! I need more female runing friends, the guys I sometimes run with are too lame to do something fun like that! Happy Holidays!

  3. I think that is SUCH a cool idea! Kudos to you for planning it!!

  4. i would’ve totally come!! (you know, had i been invited…. oh and that small detail of living closer than south carolina) 😉 looks like such a fun time.

    WOW to that house. lol.

  5. awesome awesome awesome run! i love a christmas Light run! But i usually do it by myself!! So how fun that you organized it! And hey-I would have laminated pocket maps as well but it’s because I’m a Virgo!!

    hey you guys have decorated porta Potties, here in tennessee they have decorated pickup trucks!


    Happy Holidays!!!

  6. That’s a great idea!

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