Product Review: The Grid Foam Roller

Recently I noticed that my foam roller was getting a little soft. Each time I used it, my body left a huge indentation in the foam and it didn’t seem like it was effectively loosening my muscle tissue. I have been spending a lot of time with my roller since my IT band started acting up and figured that it was time to invest in a new one. I travel a decent amount for work and I always miss my foam roller when I’m on the road. A nalgene bottle works well, but it’s just not the same and when I’m gone a lot, it actually is a bit of an issue. So, when I was in Fleet Feet last week I decided to invest in the Grid foam roller.

This is what the Grid looks like

This little guy is made of EVA foam, made by the geniuses at Trigger Point and is designed to withstand more pressure than traditional foam rollers. It’s also quite a bit smaller– a measly 13 inches long which means I can pop it in my small carry on bag or suitcase with no problems. Awesome. There are also 3 zones (you can see them by the different “grid” patterns) designed to put varying levels of pressure on your body. One is designed to feel like fingertips, one like a forearm/palm and one like your fingers and thumb.

I love this thing. Although it was $40 it is so much better than a regular foam roller. I feel like it gets deeper into my muscles and I love the varying pressure. It was so nice to be able to take it with me to LA last week and roll around– especially after all the sitting in the car and walking we did. I also like that I can use it to roll out my calves and shins- my old roller wasn’t effective for that and this one seems to work well.

In an effort to rehab my IT band I’ve also been doing a ton of core work to stabilize my hip and pelvis area while I’m running. I figure that the ART doc and PT need to do their part, but I need to do mine, too. My PT suggested I do planks with my feet on the roller and the grid worked much better than my old roller for this– the small width caused me to focus more and I wasn’t worried I was putting permanent indentations in the middle.

You can get the Grid online at a variety of places (FYI is my most favorite website for running stuff because of the free 2-day shipping) or, as I always recommend beacuse spending your money locally is a good thing to do, your local running specialty store. It really is better than the regular rollers, I swear. It has a 1-year warranty and I’m pretty sure TriggerPoint is good on their words.

Finally, FYI, this wasn’t free. I actually bought it. With my own money. That I made at my job. And I still like it.


8 responses to “Product Review: The Grid Foam Roller

  1. Great product review. I had a foam roller on my Christmas list, but apparently the elves didn’t know how to make one 🙂 so I am on my own. I’ve actually heard that you can use a PVC pipe in a pinch. I don’t think you’d have to worry about permanently compressing that!

  2. this looks awesome. thanks for the review!! i might need to get one of these 🙂 i really want the whole trigger point kit!! why do they have to be so $$??

  3. I love to foam roll! Actually, my new torture device has been the rolling pin! I bought a heavy duty wooden one at crate and barrel and Ari loves torturing me with it! But this seems easier to do on my self 🙂 Thanks for the review girly!

  4. Thanks for the review….I am doing the tennis ball on my piriformis but this looks like a much better alternative! I agree…does everything have to cost so dang much??!!

  5. It sounds awesome! My regular roller is definitely getting some dents in it…
    Have a great Wednesday!
    PS-I have my own blog now!

  6. Trigger Point is amazing. Totally worth the money.

  7. I’ve been a big fan of the GRID foam roller since getting a few for our sports clinic last year. Very durable, hold up well and take up very little space in a gym bag, so well worth the extra money.

    -Doc John

  8. lacrosse balls are also wonderful for tp relief.. Powerlifters have been using them and pvc pipes for years..

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