Speedwork Begins Again

Yesterday I was cleared to begin speed work and hills. My first thought was, “Awesome! I’m better, I can do speed work and hills!” And then I thought, “oh no. I have to do speed work and hills, that hurts!” I consulted some people and they suggested I do half of a normal workout at first to see how my body responds. I have a tendency to run myself into the ground so this was really sound advice. I thought 1200s sounded good (well, not good, but productive) and figured I’d do 2-3 of them and see where I’m at.

I was really nervous. I haven’t run hard since before CIM and I certainly haven’t tried running fast recently. I woke up early, put on my garmin (that I had to find and dig up and charge) and hit the road. I felt slow and tired during my warm up miles but that always happens and I wasn’t too worried. Finally I got to my open road and started my 1200s. And you know what? I ran both of them (I just did 2) on the faster end of the range suggested to me. In fact, they were both 6:50 pace! After 2 months of not running hard I will certainly take that. My body initially said to me, “um what are we doing here? This feels weird” but once I settled down it didn’t feel weird at all.

I cooled down with 3 miles for a total of 7 and my leg felt pretty good. Not 100%, but probably 90 and I was so happy that I can still run hard when needed. I can tell that I’m not in shape– my heart was totally racing and I can feel it already and I know I would have slowed down if I needed to do more, but I don’t care! I’m running fast!

The particulars:

2 miles warm up (8:50 pace)
4 x 100 M strides, drills, stretch
2 x1200 with 1 min recovery (6:50 pace)
3 miles cool down (9:00 pace)

Finally, I leave you with a ridiculous photo. My post-run outfit has become a running joke in my house– shorts, uggs, sweatshirt and usually headphones. I get cold from being sweaty but never want to shower and change immediately. I have things to do. Like eat. If you know me you know that I’m not usually in “sloppy” clothes and so my neighbors find it HILARIOUS when I wander around in this outfit. I took the trash out in it and my neighbor said, “uggs aren’t slippers.” Au contraire my friend. Uggs are slippers and my best friends.

Whatever. Uggs and shorts are the new black.


5 responses to “Speedwork Begins Again

  1. I wear uggs like slippers. And shoes. And socks. I wear them EVERYWHERE this time of year. And almost always at home with my running shorts. What do you think I’m wearing right now? That’s right. Actually the same shorts you are and sorta the same uggs … haha, we’re ridiculous. And comfortable.

  2. Great job on the running! Glad you’re on your way back! BTW, Uggs go with EVERYTHING, at least that is what I am telling myself šŸ™‚

  3. You’re giving me hope that I will come back from this IT band thing. Nice job!

  4. Way to come back to speedwork! I think you are never fully back until you can do speedwork, so running such great times means you’re fully back!

    I have a habit if loitering after workouts too!

  5. ummm if you think that outfit was bad you should see mine – im not kidding LOL. i put on the most ridiculous things when i am home. maybe i should take a pic haha

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