Death by Track

I don’t even know what that was you guys. Seriously. That was, hands down, the hardest track workout I have EVER DONE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Not kidding. Holy. Ouch. BATMAN!!!!!

I joined my new running group this evening for their weekly track workout and um, I almost died. Seriously, it was so hard.

We warmed up for 2 miles, did drills, did 1 mile of strides and then started a 400/800 workout. 400s at 6:24 pace, 800s at 8:00 pace. 6 of them. Then 2 miles of cool down. It was difficult. I did not hit all my paces (in fact I’m not sure what I did– I hung on to the shoulder of many but I forgot my watch. Ick.) but I was close but oh man, the cooldown felt awful!!! So very hard.

The whole time I was running (suffering) I kept reminding myself, “the fact that they are faster is the reason you are here. You wanted to be the slow kid. You wanted to be pushed. Here’s a challenge- rise to it!” I rose as high as I could and my legs gave it all they had but oh man, rough! The group dynamic helped– I did not want to be the slow kid and I did not want to puke my first time at the track (I almost did) but wow! Also, their were moms and grandmas out there running 6:00 pace who have 6-packs. If that isn’t motivation I’m not really sure what is.

It was really fun being on the track. During strides and drills I had a flashback to high school track (I loved running high school track, it was my favorite thing ever) and while it was certainly hard, it was still fun in a way. It was also useful being on the track with the super fast (4:30 pace) people. I realized while they were grunting and spitting and complaining that they hurt just as much, if not more, as I do. Sure, the duration of their suffering is less but it’s not like they just get out there and run that fast. They’re working too. In some cases it seemed that the only difference between me and the faster runners is that they were able to suffer more. So note to self: increase pain and suffering threshold.

I came home and ate dinner but truthfully, I was so wiped and felt so weird that I didn’t even really want it. Now that is an accomplishment.

This is great though. It’s only going to make me stronger and faster. And now I really know what it is to work hard out there. I thought I knew, turns out I was only scratching the surface.


5 responses to “Death by Track

  1. I had a similar experience last summer when I joined the local runclub for their track days. Most days, I was the slowest person out there – by a long shot. But whatever, someone has to be last, and after awhile it got easier and easier and I noticed a HUGE improvement in my running!!

    Good for you for getting out there and doing it!

  2. I miss HS School Track too! What was your event? I still haven’t met the running group I signed up for even though I know I need to! Maybe this weekend…

  3. Speedwork with other people is rough, especially if they’re faster. It’s a much better workout but it kills!

  4. “Note to self: increase pain and suffering threshold” -> hahaha, totally know what you mean there regarding track workouts! Sometimes they are the worst thing ever (especially 400s, ouch!), but they really do seem to help. Great job and good luck with the new group!

  5. love the inner-dialogue with yourself. so true though!

    those moms and grandmas must have adopted… 🙂 i mean, there is no hope for me. i don’t have a 6-pack now with 0 kids…. 😦

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