Today has been tragic!

This morning was tragic. I woke up, attended to a work obligation from 5am to 7am and then I did this:

Yep, I got to go running on the beach in San Diego. And it was perfect– about 55 degrees, slightly overcast with the sun peaking through and plenty of good looking marines, coast goard guys and other military out running to keep a girl entertained for hours. It was glorious.

Today I had 5 miles easy on the schedule because I did a killer fartlek workout yesterday that totaled 8 miles with 4 of it running pretty hard and I’m really sore! I started easy and I don’t know if it was the ocean air, the good looking guys or what, but I ended up running an 8:20 average without even really breaking a sweat. Bizarre. That is not my easy pace. Or maybe it is now?

My IT band is still sore but it was a dull roar and I could deal this morning.

This was one of those runs that reminds me why we do this. Why we get up at 5, why we spend money going to physical therapy and on shoes and all that. Because it was gorgeous out there today. And if I wasn’t a runner I’m not sure I would have put the effort into going outside and enjoying the morning- and it was great. I also didn’t mind passing a huge pack of young marines. Hearing, “whoa, she’s fast and cool” never gets old (ok I added the cool part) and was a sweet bonus.

The only downside is that I forgot to grab my socks this morning. Surprisingly I didn’t get too many blisters, but any more than 5 miles and I think it could have been tragic. But whatever, so worth it.

I grabbed some coffee and worked beachside for a bit.

For the record: Nothing beats running by the ocean.

Have a great weekend! I know mine started great!


4 responses to “Today has been tragic!

  1. And jealousy ensues …

  2. That looks amazing. I’ve never ran on a beach by the ocean… yet!

  3. It’s been a long time since I was in SoCali but when I get there, that’s the one thing I love most – running along the ocean! What a great start to your weekend!!

  4. What a lovely place to run!

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