Product Review: Nike Lunarglide+

For a couple of reasons I left my beloved Saucony Pro Grid Guides behind and picked up a pair of Nike Lunarglides for speed work and racing. I’ve been curious about these shoes since they came out last year and I was anxious to give them a try. Basically, if there is a gadget or new piece of technology, I probably want it. That and the fact that I’m a Nike lover put me square in the target market for these.

My first impression of them is that they are really, really bright. They also didn’t look very cushioned and felt really different on my feet. My feet are prone to slight overpronation– but very slight. I can get away with a minimal stability or even, at times, neutral shoe. I prefer lots of support for long runs and a lighter shoe for other workouts. During easy runs I don’t really care. As for their wacky look… I’ve gotten used to it. They’re funky, but whatever. It’s running shoes, I’m not wearing them to prom.

I’ve run in these on and off for 3 weeks now, including a race. The bottom line is that I really, really like these shoes.

Initially the forefoot felt really stiff and I was creeped out that I could feel the road more than in my traditional running shoes. But the more that I run in them, the more I realize it’s an advantage– I’m more able to sense where I’m putting my foot during the strike and I feel like they’re helping to propel me forward rather than straight up.

I’ve also had trouble with my left arch and 2nd toe (the one next to the big guy) for almost a year now. I’ve tried a few different shoes, but since I’ve been running in these I’ve noticed a sharp decrease in pain in those areas. The forefoot has a LOT of room which I think is helping. I think my toes were banging against the end of previous shoes and in the Lunarglides I feel like I’m really pushing through my full foot.

The shoe is very, very light– something I look for in a race and speed work shoe. Does 2 ounces make a difference at the level I’m running? No. Does it feel cool? Yes.

If I had any complaint it’s that my heel slips out a little bit and I have to be very, very diligent how I tie them. This is a problem in almost every shoe (save for my Sauconys) and not a huge deal. The lunar foam (and you should go to Nike’s website to read more about the technology behind the shoes because I won’t do them justice) takes some getting used to but I absolutely feel it gives me the support and cushioning I need. Apparently the shaft of the shoe will change with the amount of support you need. I don’t know how the shoe “knows” it, but I also know that Nike has a small army of R&D guys and they’re probably not lying. Exaggerating? Probably. Lying? Not likely.

I’m still going to wear my Sauconys for long runs and probably easy runs because I really love those shoes and know I’ll be injury free in them, but I really like these, too. I have a pair of Saucony racing flats that I like, but I actually prefer the Lunarglides now.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, super bright (kidding, not all of them are super bright. just most), fairly stable shoe I’d say give it a shot.


10 responses to “Product Review: Nike Lunarglide+

  1. I’ve been curious about these, so thanks for the review. I think we might have different biomechanics though. Let us know if these wear out quickly–I’ve had that problem with Nikes before but haven’t worn them in like…10 years?

  2. OOooo! I love my lunarglides! I bought mine last year when then onlyhad grey/electric orange or black/electric orange out. Like you said, they are doing a job not a fashion statement. Sometimes I forget about them, but I have been recently pulling them out again (like last night!) and have been enjoying them all over again! You are also totally right that there is a great amount of room in the front of shoe which I love, and for as light as they are, they are super cushiony. Glad you’re enjoying them – they are one of my fav go to shoes. Little jealous of your cool colors though 🙂

  3. Those shoes are very interesting looking. They look more like skater shoes to me! Haha

    I’ve been a pretty steadfast Asic wearer. I had Saucony’s that worked well for me once, though! That was before I ran a lot.

  4. PS: You commented on my blog last week and told me that I shouldn’t be getting shin splints with my new shoes, well it’s STILL happening. Terrible shin splints for the first 2ish miles of my run and then they feel fine. The thing is, these are the EXACT same shoes I’ve had twice now so I don’t get why these ones seem to be bugging me! Any thoughts??

    • Hmm… I’m not sure. I know when I upped my mileage a few years ago I needed to add arch supports to my shoes. I wear the Green Superfeet insoles which helps tremendously. Maybe go to your local running store and see what they say. Also, each pair of shoes is different, your gait could be different…

  5. I kinda love how bright those are! They look very hipster runner. 🙂

    Glad you like ’em!

  6. I tried and tried to like these things but never could get my feet to be happy in them! They are really light weight and I love the colors….but just not for me :(.

  7. i used to buy my shoes based strictly on color… haha. i love bright, fun shoes!

  8. so these are different than the Nike Free? I can’t really find good details about what makes the two different

    • I believe the Nike Frees are designed to be neutral trainers simulating barefoot running. The Lunar Glides do have some medial arch support designed to kick in and control pronation. That’s my understanding anyway…

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