Q&A Answer Post

Awhile ago I asked you guys to send me questions that I’d answer. You had some fun ones, so here we go!

Q: How often do you change out your shoes?
A: I replace my shoes every 400-500 miles. I can kind of tell when I need new ones and it usually works out to every 2 months. It’s not cheap, but it is cheaper than physical therapy and I can definitely tell a difference when I’m in quality shoes vs. beat up shoes. I also wear green superfeet insoles and replace those every 2 pair of shoes. When I was psycho training for CIM a million miles per week, I blew through shoes every 7 weeks. It was expensive.

Q: How do you deal with pre-race jitters?
A: There are a few things… I remind myself of all the training I’ve endured and all of the hard work and that I’m prepared for the race. I also think experience helps. The more races you run, the fewer “new” experiences you’ll have in a race. I think I’ve had most of the bad things (cramping, puking, seeing stars, going out too fast, going out too slow) happen to me already so I know what works and what doesn’t. I also visualize myself running a strong race throughout and imagine how happy I’ll be at the finish line. But no matter what, in every race, I always think it sucks and that it hurts. Even if I’m having fun!

Q: How do you keep your running from getting boring?
A: CHANGE IT UP! Every couple of years or even months, it’s important to change up your routine. Join a new club, run a new route, run your route backward, whatever. I moved last year which meant all new routes (I’d lived and run in the same neighborhood for 3 before that) for me. I also try and run with people as much as possible– they keep it light and fresh. Plus, it’s multi-tasking. We’re hanging out AND working out. Last year I even drove out to run with Aron for a long run because I was so sick of running the same old routes and couldn’t stomach another long run in the same old, same old.

Q: What kind of food do you eat?
A: I detailed what I ate for a couple of days here and here but that was when I was running 70 miles per week and COULD NOT stay full for the life of me. Now I eat the same things, just a little less. However, I had to cut out granola and cereal completely because the fact of the matter is, I cannot be trusted to eat small portions of those foods– I love them too much. If I’m back in the 70s again, maybe. I also really cut back my consumption of food bars unless it’s an emergency. They’re fine, but I don’t need all those calories right now. I also gave up all junk food for lent so no cookies, candy, cake, pudding, chocolate, etc for me.

Q: Do you still want to qualify for Boston?
A: Maybe. I don’t know. Not this year. Correctly training for a marathon takes a ton of time and with the way my life is right now, I can’t definitively set aside 3-hour blocks of time to train until early next year. Family, work, friends and other commitments all come before running and if I do another marathon I want to do it right. I’m tentatively leaning toward Eugene 2011 or maybe even the LA Marathon next year but it all just kind of depends. I’m not someone who wants to run a zillion marathons just to run them– I’d rather run a few high quality efforts.

Q: Do you ever race just for fun? You always seem so serious about the whole thing!
A: Haha, I know. Um, I’ve raced for fun… once? A couple of years ago? It was ok. I’m more inclined to pick and choose races wisely and give my best each time. I kind of feel like I can run any time so if I am going to pay for a race I want to give it my all. That said, I don’t judge other people who run races for fun. I think it’s great, it’s just not how I’m wired. If there’s a race, my competitiveness just takes over and I go for it. For better or worse, haha.

Q: What size are you? How much do you weigh?
A: I’m totally runner-huge. I’m not person-huge, but runner huge. I’m about 145 pounds at race weight and 150 the rest of the year– and a size 2-4 depending on the cut of the pants. I’m about 19% body fat most of the time. Pre-CIM I was about 17, ish. I really would like to get lighter (for running purposes) but this seems to be where my body has settled for now. It’s fine. I look fine, I look fine in my clothes and my body feels good most of the time. For the most part I don’t eat crap and I’m careful, so… it is what it is.

Q: What’s your favorite run?
A: Hmmm… as far as vacations go, running in Eugene was pretty magnificent. It was the first time in months I’d run in cool weather and there’s something really special about running on Pre’s trail. I also LOVE running by the ocean and had a few fun runs at 5AM through San Francisco that were pretty special. For normal days, you really can’t beat the bike trail around here. It’s 23 miles of flat-ish, paved route with drinking fountains and bathrooms every mile or so.

Q: What do you eat to fuel on long runs?
Gu, Chocolate Mint flavor, water and S Caps. I don’t care for sports drinks AT ALL, so gu for calories, S Caps for electrolytes. Before I run I eat oatmeal with regular old cow’s milk and sometimes fruit.

So that was all of them. That was super fun. If you have more, let ’em roll!


4 responses to “Q&A Answer Post

  1. ohhh these were all really good questions!!

    i wish my shoes lasted 400-500 miles šŸ˜¦ mine barely get 300 – $$$$$. maybe when i have to switch up my shoes soon the new kind i get will last longer šŸ™‚

    also i think we need to plan another long run meet up one of these weekends!!

  2. Awesome answers! I really enjoyed reading these and they were super informative.

    Jeesh, RUNNER huge, ya right. I’m a size 8-10. Would LOVE to be size 2-4 šŸ˜› Haha

  3. You are not ever allowed to use the word ‘huge’ ever again, you hear me?


  4. Haha how on earth do people “race for fun” anyway!?

    Loved your Olympics post too!

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