It makes me feel normal!

Lately my life has not been very normal. I am traveling all of the time, busy and stressed when I’m at home and well, just overall things are pretty crazy. I love that it’s crazy and I live a life that is privileged beyond anything I ever asked or hoped, but sometimes I get a little jealous of people with normal lives who don’t have to do things like get up at 4:00 AM and go to bed at midnight…

This morning I woke up at 5 after waking up pretty much every hour last night. I just could not sleep. It was not ok with me because I actually had the opportunity to get 7 hours but… couldn’t. So I did what I do and put my running shoes on for a nice, easy run. My legs were pretty tired because I did my long run yesterday (13) with 8 miles of what is basically goal marathon pace (if I were marathon training which, for the record, I am not) and had done 10 + tempo the day before. Wow, when I write it out that sounds insane.

Anyway… I love the Hyatt because they have small laminated cards with running routes on them that they’ll give you. It was early and I was a little nervous about being somewhere unfamiliar, in the dark, on my own but I don’t live my life in fear so I set off. There wasn’t anything spiritual or special or particularly heartwarming about this run. It was decidedly normal. Average. Like any other day. And that’s what made it special to me.

Being out alone with my music, away from the constant beeping of the blackberry, phone ringing, a million people nipping at my feet and to be honest, having the opportunity to sweat out the wine I drank last night, made getting up at the crack of dawn so worth it. After a night in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar place, putting on my running shoes and hitting the pavement felt so familiar. Like being home. In an hour or two I’ll be dressed up, pretending to be an adult and loving what I do, but I’ll also know that this morning I was cruising along with mud on my calves and Lady Gaga blasting and in my own world.

Making sacrifices to get my runs in is not always fun. More often than not when I wake up I feel like I have been hit by a train. In fact, sometimes while I’m running it feels like I’ve been hit by a train. But I never question if I’m going to go or not because every time I put on my running shoes I know that it’s going to feel  like bringing a piece of home with me wherever I am. And that’s too valuable to let slip away.

So this morning I luxuriated in the mundaneness of my easy run. The easy, casual normalness of it all. I watched the sunrise like it does every morning and was thankful for everything I’ve been blessed with– crazy, normal and everything in between.


5 responses to “It makes me feel normal!

  1. I marvel at how you manage to balance so much!

    I can’t believe you can get by as a runner on only 4 hours of sleep, though!! That I could never do. Getting up at 4:00 for a run, sure, but it means I’d be in bed by 9:00 the night before!!

  2. “I did my long run yesterday (13) with 8 miles of what is basically goal marathon pace (if I were marathon training which, for the record, I am not) and had done 10 + tempo the day before.”

    That is my favorite line of your whole posts and points to AGAIN why you should be training for a race of some sort! Awesomeness like that needs to be shared in a race…

    But then again, I’d never be one to run a long run with a tempo-ish mid portion if I wasn’t training for something….

  3. girl i don’t know how you do it either! i thought my life was crazy hectic but i think yours is worse and yet you still balance solid runs & decent mileage!

  4. So true that running is ‘home.’ I love love love that notion! And don’t they say ‘home is where the heart is?’

    Congrats on such a wonderful week of consistent and strong runs! You are seriously rocking it, keep at it! ♥

  5. love this post 🙂 in the middle of your madness right now its so awesome that you can just go “home” to running no matter where you are.

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