No rest for the weary!

Phew. After Sunday’s great race I figured I’d get a pat on the back, a hug and a few days of recovery. Well, I did get a pat on the back and a hug but I did not get any recovery time! I was assigned a work out for this morning and told that a 5k didn’t necessitate much recovery. Um ok?

I planned on running 8 miles after work last night but I was tired, my legs hurt, I didn’t have a watch and I just wanted to go home. So I ran 5ish and called it good. It was actually a good run. Slow, but it felt good to shake out my legs and get the blood flowing again. Plus, I’m in such a better place mentally if I can decompress a little before walking in my door. It’s kind of funny, when I’m stressed and busy I usually gain weight, but lately I’ve been running and going on walks to deal with my stress and I’m actually lighter than before CIM. Plus, when I’m traveling I barely have time to eat so there’s not much mindless snacking happening in my world.

Anyway, this morning I had mile repeats on my schedule. I’ve never been a lover of the mile repeat but I am capable of doing them when I put my mind to it. My legs were super tired this morning and I had kind of a bad attitude warming up. I jogged around slowly and complained to myself quite a bit. I even negotiated putting off the work out or cutting it in half but eventually I told myself to shut it and just go out there and get it done.

I had everything going against me– my stomach felt super weird, it was windy and I hate that, it was dark and I wasn’t in it mentally. Luckily I was actually running with an ipod this morning and had some really fun music I’d forgotten about. Running with people is great but sometimes running with Justin Timberlake is better.

I did strides and then hit the ground running (hahaha). I looked down at my watch and was pleasantly surprised– I was working but not dying and seemed to be holding the same pace I ran during my 5k. The first mile repeat came through at 7:35 and I was so pleased. It’s hard for me to do that alone and not in a race environment!

I figured I’d have a hard time on the 2nd and 3rd repeats but I actually negative split them coming in at 7:32 and 7:29 respectively. I was so happy. Not only is that a faster pace than I ran the 5k but they’re also mile repeat PRs for me. And although they were hard and I was definitely working out there I didn’t throw up or cramp or die or anything. In fact, after the workout was done and I cooled down I felt pretty good. I was really surprised how well this morning went given how bad I felt when I woke up and that I raced 2 days ago. Woo hoo.

And while I enjoy working hard and doing mile repeats at 5am, I’m excited to just run easy tomorrow. Can’t wait!


4 responses to “No rest for the weary!

  1. NICE job girlie – way to negative split those repeats!!! haha you sound like i did on saturday, bad attitude from the get go but turned into an awesome run šŸ™‚ sometimes we just have to tell ourselves to shut up!

  2. I’m not into it today either but finally buckled down and got it done after procrastinating for eternity. Nice job on the mile repeats!! Woohooo!! Them are tough!

  3. Who hoo for the mile repeats! In the dark morning no less. To that, I bow down to you. I cannot get out of bed earlier to save my life!

  4. Holy mackeral that is fast! And neg splits, way to go!!

    Have fun running easy tomorrow! Nice and relaxing!!!

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