My body didn’t need it, but my mind did!

Sometimes I just need to run. I got home from work last night at a reasonable hour (7:30!) and I was pretty wound up. As in, couldn’t complete a full sentence without losing track of what I was saying in the middle of it and going in about 10 directions at once. It was bad. The good news is that when I’m acting nuts, I usually know it. So what did I do? I went for a run. I’ve actually run 12 days in a row (oooooops) and had planned to take yesterday as a rest day, but something in me needed to relax.

It felt so good to be home and near my normal running routes and since the weather is nice and the time changed there are people everywhere so I felt safe. I put on my favorite running shirt, some shorts and headed out the door with my iPod. At first I think I was running really fast because I was literally running away from my day but the longer I was out there (and when I switched to a calmer play list, ha) the more human I felt and by the time I got home I was almost to neutral.

I only ran for about 45 minutes but the time out there was just enough to decompress and get my head in a good space. Is it good to skip rest days? No. In this case did I make the right choice? I think so. For the safety and sanity of those around me I definitely think it’s good I went for a run!

This morning I took on my 2nd quality workout for the week. 2 miles warm up, 4 miles of 1 minute as hard as you can, 1 minute easy, 2 miles cool down. It went pretty well. I like to see 6:30 pace during my one minute of hard and I did for most repeats so I was happy about it. At the risk of risking it, my legs/joints/muscles all feel really good right now. I have normal aches, pains and soreness that you get from training hard but nothing I’m concerned about.

I’ve also started to figure out how to use my whole body when I’m running fast. I always hear the speedsters talk about engaging the core muscles and arms when running fast and although I thought I knew how to do that I can actually feel it now. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes after hard workouts or races my abs are actually sore! Love that.

I’m on track to hit 55 miles this week… which feels oddly normal. Like my buddy Lam said, when did this become normal? Oh well, gives me an excuse to eat that 2nd bowl of yogurt and granola with minimal guilt 🙂 Like I said before I’m lighter than I was before CIM and I think it’s due to a few things– highish mileage, I gave up all candy, dessert, etc for Lent (I kinda cracked a little last week but I cut waaaaay back) and I’ve been so busy that I’ve had almost no alcohol in the last month. I’ll take it. I don’t mind fitting into my “taper” jeans (they only fit weeks I’m tapering for races).

Ok, apparently I’m not at neutral because this post is all over the place. Happy Friday ya’ll.


4 responses to “My body didn’t need it, but my mind did!

  1. Oh Lent is a great diet, isn’t it? 😉

  2. 55 miles. Wow! Great work!

    I know what you mean about running with your whole body. I started to notice the change in my running the more I do core workouts. It is a great feeling.

  3. atalantasapples

    Ooh, I like the 1-min-on-1-min-off idea of your quality workout. I’ll have to try that!

  4. Yay, I love decompression runs!!! Those are always my favorite, especially when I have good tunes lined up!

    12 days in a row, oh man….I will not lecture, you know your body best. Ok I will, REST! Tee hee!

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