Run Dates

I don’t think there is anything in the entire world more nerve-wracking than a run date. Even if you’ve been dating for awhile it is still absolutely terrifying. Today I went running with a guy I’ve been seeing for a little bit and it. was. terrifying. First of all, this guy makes me look like a slacker in terms of workout ethic and athletic talent. Seriously, dude is Michael Phelps and I’m only kind of kidding. No seriously he does pull ups with 25lbs around his waist and then runs an 18 min 5k. And he was a Division I athlete. So this is not some couch potato I’m dealing with here. In fact, he’sΒ  bad for me and says things like, “oh Amy, you don’t need a rest day… let’s go run or play tennis or ride our bikes!”

First of all, it was raining. Now, no one looks good running in the rain. Then, I had to plan my outfit. Tights? Booty shorts? Regular tempo shorts? Hat? No hat? Garmin? No garmin? I finally settled on booty shorts, my CIM long sleeved shirt (it just fits well) and no garmin. I actually had run already today but I mean, if the cute boy wants to run, you run. I actually kind of felt like I was going to race– nervous, jumpy, lots of attention to the outfit and details and praying to God there’d be no tummy trouble or nose running πŸ™‚

Here’s a little snippet of what went through my head as we ran:

“Oh my gosh am I going fast enough? Too fast? Is this ok? Do I smell? OMG my nose is running and that’s so embarassing. Do I smell? What if he thinks I’m slow? Wow, I look awesome in my sports bra, oh wait, no I don’t! I shouldn’t have worn the booty shorts, should have gone for the tights. Oh wait, no, tempos would have been better. I should text Aron, she’ll think this is funny. Do I smell? This is terrifiying.” All while trying to talk and pretend like this is the most fun thing in the world. And I mean, it was really fun but it was also, you know, scary.

Like I’ve written about before, there’s something about pounding out the miles, especially in the pouring down rain that brings your defenses down and causes you to get real. Plus, I figured that at the end of the day, being a runner is a pretty big part of who I am and if he can’t take it that I run around in booty shorts in the rain then it’s probably not meant to be. And although he’s not as in to racing and thinks running a marathon sounds totally miserable (and he’s so no wrong about that) he’s an athlete with a competitive streak and he gets it. Plus, I love that we can run together and he understands that running isn’t something I do, it’s a part of who I am.

Anyway, it was really fun but really nerve-wracking and scary. But the good news is that I’m so used to running with people now that it all worked out ok. Just 6 easy miles in the rain… like a movie… oh wait, when you’re dating someone new EVERYTHING feels like a movie πŸ™‚


Yesterday I had an EPIC long run. I was visiting my mom and hit my most favorite trail in the entire world for a 12 miler. I think someone put rockets in my shoes because no mile was slower than 8:40 and it felt so easy. I ran into my buddy/coach Jack and we ran together briefly and then I just enjoyed cruising around with my tunes on in the nice, cool weather. I ran on half pavement, half hilly trail and it was just what the doctor ordered. The best part is that I decided to run my last mile as hard as I could and it came in at 7:20. It was probably not ncessary but it was fun to fly through that final mile.

I finished out the week with 55 miles and ended my no junk food fast in style. I had candy corn for breakfast followed my M&Ms, carrot cake and a huge hunk of chocolate. And I might have a cookie later. But then I think I’m going to try and stay off the sugar wagon. My body just feels so good without it. And I have the worst stomach ache ever from all the sugar!

This week the miles should come down a bit and for that I am grateful.


8 responses to “Run Dates

  1. Hahaha! You crack me up! I saw your tweet about the pants dilema – but I am SO far removed from dating, what would I know! LOL!
    Glad it went well – and I broke down and have peanut M&M’s yesterday, too! I swore I would hold off until Boston, but they looked soooo good!

  2. i didn’t see your tweet until too late!!! dang πŸ˜‰ glad you had fun out there and hope there are many more run dates in the future, they are fun!

  3. I loved this:

    “running isn’t something I do, it’s a part of who I am”

    which means he’ll understand if you need a rest day too or that you rock the booty shorts, etc.

    Can’t wait to hear about more run dates! You should run up to inspiration point and make out. That burns calories too…just sayin’. πŸ˜‰

  4. OMG, I would absolutely die if I had a running date! But alas, that will never happen to me! I did laugh at all the things you were thinking! Funny shit!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. How fun that you’re dating another athlete! But yeah, God forbid you need a bathroom.

  6. Can you believe, I’ve been asked to go on a running date just this morning. I guess I have the opposite problem…how to slow it down without patronizing the poor girl. She obviously has no idea who she’s asking to run with her. We should compare notes. Should be interesting.

    Rocking the long run now I see. Are you prepping just in case there’s a random half or full marathon in a week or two you want to run. Some of us does 16wk training plans. You’ll just show up randomly and probably PR! Just sayin’

  7. Nice going girl – love the idea of a run date. Could have done with a photo of you though! And the date?

    Fantastic long run as well – great pace. You’re truly back on track aren’t you?

  8. i am dedicated… i tried posting a comment here 2 days ago and then realized i was late getting off to work so i left the page up all day and when i got home my internet was down until now. anyway, it erased whatever comment i had made so i forgot it. πŸ™‚ BUT i am still here – so dedicated πŸ˜‰

    i get nervous about runs with other people! let alone a date… glad it went well.

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