Looking Back to Look Forward

Yesterday I was in the town where I lived right out of college. It’s a smallish agricultural community (I kind of can’t believe I lived there, but that’s another story) and the place I grew up in a lot of ways. Or, at least I thought I did haha. Anyway, it’s also the place I became a runner. Well… the place where I learned to run. I decided to drive my old route and um… it was 2.8 miles.

It’s funny, I used to think running that route was such an accomplishment. And I’m not diminishing running nearly 3 miles– it is great but compared to what I do now, it’s hilarious. And I think it used to take me more than a half an hour. It’s funny too how running routes get ingrained in our bodies and memories. I drove by my old apartment and remembered every turn and inch of my old running route even though it’s been more than 5 years. I remembered “early morning” runs and took a minute to marvel at what a different runner I am now.

I remembered dreaming of running a marathon but thinking there was no way I could do that… now I’ve run 2. I remember thinking a 10 minute mile sounded like an accomplishment and now I can run one in 6 minutes if I need to. I remembered thinking that if I ran two days in a row that I’d get shin splints and now I run 6-7 days per week without much trouble. It’s just funny what a little time and experience can do.

In some ways I’m annoyed that I wasn’t more of a runner– I lived in a gorgeous area with tons of amazing trails and paths for running and I never took advantage of it. I don’t think I knew that it was such a great area, but live and learn. It’s fun to look back though. In some ways I’m the same and in some ways I am so very different.


This morning I met my early morning friends for an 8 mile tempo run. I was tired and my stomach felt weird but it was really fun. My birthday is on Monday and the girls brought me a birthday running bib I had to wear during the run (SO CUTE!) and brought coffee and muffins. We negative split the run and it felt good to be with my friends again. My hips are bugging me a little bit but I’m going to spend some nice quality time with my foam roller and trigger point kit.


4 responses to “Looking Back to Look Forward

  1. Happy Birthday a little early 😉
    I can think back to the mile loop I first ran out doors and remember thinking what an accomplishment that was!! It’s good to remember where we came from, not loosing site of our roots keeps us better grounded 🙂

  2. Happy early birthday! What a fun surprise and I love the team name, hahahah way too early!

    I have a similar route near my first apartment in the Bay Area and it was also just under 3 miles and I remember it being ‘so hard’ and taking forever to run it and how great it felt when I could finally run the whole route without stopping. But we all have to start somewhere, right? I love hearing about where runners ‘came from’ so thanks for sharing this little story 🙂

  3. Ooh, early happy birthday to my awesome West Coast running friend! They made you run with a birthday bib? That is too too funny!

    I totally understand where you’re coming from. I run by the same routes I used to run too and remember exactly where I use to stop because it was “just too far!” Haha! I guess it’s fun to see how far we’ve all come! Great post!

    Have a fun weekend and a blast on your b-day!

  4. Happy early birthday! It’s fun to look back. I never thought I would run a marathon either.

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