Most fun at the track yet!

I had a blast of a track workout yesterday. And I’m not even being sarcastic, it was a ton of fun! It was even more fun given that I felt horrible when I woke up. I started my warm-up and debated doing the workout or not. I was tired, my legs weren’t moving particularly fast and I felt nauseated. I convinced myself to do the workout but added an extra warm up mile because I was just not ready to run fast.

I had scheduled: 1 mile hard, 14×200 with 200 jogs in between.

I started my mile hard and was extremely surprised to see it come in at 7:09. I felt good while I was running and like I was actually holding back a little bit. The pace didn’t feel very hard and it seemed like my form was holding up well (a surprise given how tired I felt).

Then, 14×200. Oh my gosh, so fun. I loved it. I hit every single interval in the same amount of time (49 seconds) and didn’t slow down at all. In fact, I finished all ten miles of this workout feeling like I could have done more and I could have done it faster. Fun. It helps that the weather was nice and cool and that I had the track all to myself.

This morning I wasn’t sore or tired at all. I ran 7 easy and it didn’t feel like I’d done a track workout yesterday. My hips have been giving me trouble but it’s just because my shoes are old. The new ones are arriving today which should take care of that. Tomorrow is 9 miles of fartlek and tempo miles. Not exactly excited about that, but at least I had some good quality running yesterday!


4 responses to “Most fun at the track yet!

  1. Ooh, track work! I love it, I love it!
    So awesome that you ran so fast and had so much fun! Speedy begets more speedy, I say. Congrats!

  2. That sounds like an amazing freaking workout! I wish my body would move that far and that quickly! Go Amy go!

  3. I LOVE shorter track intervals …way to go and knock those suckers out!! Good luck with the tempo/fartlek run…but I know you’ll kill it! Have a great weekend…and thanks bunches for the Boston support!

  4. Hurray! So glad you had a great track workout! Those shorter spurts sound so much more fun than my 1600s hee hee! I’m gonna have to try them soon!

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