This post is going to be lame. I don’t really have much to say. Running is going well, I appear to be improving, I have my routine, injuries are staying away… I don’t have any huge goal races planned because my schedule is so erratic, but I’m enjoying training for training’s sake. I know I just said I don’t have any marathon envy but I have a ton of friends tapering for Eugene and I do wish I was running it. A little. Ok not really, but I’m starting to come around to think that I might run a marathon again someday. Maybe.

I’m also playing with the idea of doing a triathlon next year. Like maybe a half ironman or something. I bike regularly (ok not right now but I have in the past) and I’m kind of decent at it without much training and I used to be a pretty good swimmer so it seems like something that could be fun. But then again I wouldn’t want to give up all my running miles to bike– I don’t love it as  much. I talk about doing a tri all the time but I never actually do it, so we’ll see. Mostly I don’t feel like getting into swimming shape. My shoulders get huge and I get hungry. Bad combo!

Let’s see… I should do a post more in-depth about this, but I read Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald and made a few changes to my diet that I think have made a huge difference. Namely, increasing the number of carbs I eat post-workout and increasing healthy fats. I’m eating less protein but more fat and carbs and I’ve lost a few pounds and my energy level is more consistent. I also cut out all dessert and sugar during Lent and I plan to do it for another 40 days. It was amazing how much better I felt without sugar in my body. I love a cookie and I love chocolate, but I do feel better without it.

What else… um… It’s only April 20th and I already have a heinous shorts, sports bra, watch, sock tan which is awesome. My roommate made me lay out on Sunday because my tan lines are an affront to humanity and fashion. I just tell myself that dudes like sporty girls and the tan is just evidence that I’m not a poser. Or something.

Big tempo run on the books tomorrow. 5 miles at 10k pace. Should be a barf-tastic time.


4 responses to “Lame

  1. Go for a triathlon, you will love it!

    I was sitting across from a guy in the airport once and noticed he was very tan – except for a line from his ears, down around his chin. I realized that he was a biker and had a helmet strap tan line. haha

    Go with the tan lines, they prove you are hardcore! 🙂

  2. I would love to hear more about the nutrition and how cutting out sugar made you feel.

  3. Have heard so much about that book definitely getting it. It sounds like you need a goal!

    Thanks for your comment!

  4. i’ve long embraced the awesome runner-tan lines. i think i juuuust started to lose the ones from last year and then got them back in the recent 80* heat waves. go figure.

    i really ought to cut out sugar… how did you do it?

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