Going to Church

I was a bad girl this morning– I skipped church in favor of my long run. I always have a lot of guilt about this because I don’t want to make running my god but I so just wanted to run around in hills and drink in the beautiful morning. I wanted to zone out to my music and just let my legs go. So I did. It was another gorgeous spring morning around here and I couldn’t have asked for a better long run. 14 miles of sunshine, tunes and no stress.

This is where I ran today. Doesn't do it justice.

So while I wasn’t necessarily “in church” in the sense that I wasn’t in a pew listening to a sermon, I was singing along to my ipod (well singing in my heart!) and enjoying God’s creation. Each mile I decided to be grateful for something. A small list: my family, my health, the beauty around me, the sunshine, the late spring rain that made the hills green, freedom, etc. Sounds trite but it was almost as good as being actually at church.

However, I need to stop spacing out so much on my runs. 3 of my 6 runs last week got extended beyond where they should have due to the fact that I spaced out and either turned around too late or got way off course. Which means I ran 57 miles this week. The body feels good but I did not need to run 10 miles on Friday. I wanted to run 8! Hilariously I got lost/turned around/spaced out on routes I run all the time. And by all the time I mean several times per week. Crazy!

This week I plan on cutting back a little bit. I’m on week four of 50+ miles and I need to let my legs rest a bit. I’m feeling a little dead legged during workouts and so it’s time to back down a bit. I’m thinking 42.

Finally, congrats to all the racers this weekend and especially to my good friend coach and running mentor JackAlberto. Congrats on running 2:27 (YES, FOR A MARATHON) and for continuing to show me what patience, perseverance and hard work can get you. Ya’ll, he tried to break 2:30 for two years. Kept at it and rocked it with a 2:27. At that level improvement is so difficult but he’s proof it happens. Good work Jack!


3 responses to “Going to Church

  1. Amazing. That you can run 57 miles “by accident” and that Jack can take 3 whole minutes off his time when he’s already so fast. Amazing.

  2. umm. rock the ‘zone out’! i never “accidentally” run more mileage than planned 🙂 love it.

    congrats to jack – holy crap!!!

  3. I have skipped church to run before. Now I’m skipping it to work and that makes me feel much worse.

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