Number 200!

This is post #200! And since my training is absolutely nothing to write home about and I haven’t had any interesting or funny things happen to me lately I figured I’d add to my list from #100 and share with you 100 more random things about me. Because I’m that interesting, ha.

My 10 Favorite Books:

1. Harriet the Spy
2. Mere Christianity, CS Lewis
3. A Million Miles in 1000 Years, Donald Miller
4. The Baby Sitters Club Series, Ann M. Martin
5. Jack Daniels’ Running Formula, Jack Daniels
6. The Art of Simple Food, Alice Waters
7. 10 Minutes from Normal, Karen Hughes
8. Sunset Western Garden Book
9. Berenstein Bears, any of them
10. Game Change

10 Places I’d Like to Visit

1. Spain
2. Italy
3. Grand Canyon
4. Yellowstone
5. Hawaii
6. Chicago
7. Atlanta
8. Vancouver
9. Portugal
10. Nice, France

10 things I can’t live without

1. My blackberry
2. Oatmeal
3. Running before work
4. JCrew pants
5. Anthropologie dresses
6. My family
7. My friends
8. Almonds
9. My garmin
10. Chapstick

10 things I do everyday

1. Run
2. Say, “are you serious?” (That’s what I say when I think something is funny, stupid, incredible or I need to fill time)
3. Wear heels
4. Take a shower
5. Talk to my mom
6. Drink coffee. Usually twice.
7. Talk to Aron on gchat, haha
8.  Read the paper
9. Lose my keys
10. Listen to music

10 things I wish I did everyday

1. Take a 1/2 hour with no electronic interruptions
2. Read my Bible (batting 50/50 here)
3. Stretch more faithfully
4. Make my bed
5. Make a list of things I’m thankful for
6. Take a multivitamin
7. Ride my bike to work
8. Get to bed earlier
9. Cook dinner (I’m decent here but I love to cook and my 5 min dinners are getting  boring)
10. Read for recreation

10 TV shows I watch

1. Greys Anatomy
2. 30 Rock
3. Community
4. Glee
5. Biggest Loser
6. Parenthood
7. What Not to Wear
8. Chuck
9. Gossip Girl
10. 24

10 places I go each week

1. Whole Foods
2. Yoga
3. Peets Coffee
4. The park to run
5. The track by my house to run
6. Subway
7. Jacks Urban Eats (you can build your own salad and I’m totally obsessed right now)
8. Church
9. Happy hour (ha!)
10. My neighbor’s house

10 things I love to do that aren’t running

1. Bake. Cookies, cake, brownies, bread, whatever… I love the process
2. Ride my bike. Cruiser, road, mountain, it’s so fun
3. Lay  in the sun and read
4. Go on a walk through cute neighborhoods
5. Eat outside
6. Organize things. I’m weird, I’m not naturally inclined to be organized but sometimes it’s soul cleansing
7. Spend time with my friends
8. Work in my garden
9. Drink wine, good wine. Not the bad stuff.
10. Write

10 things I’m looking at right now

1. My blackberry
2. Empty water glass
3. Anthropologie catalog
4. My sunglasses
5. A photo of Bidwell Park in Chico
6. A rubber ducky
7. A photo of me and Arnold Schwarzenegger
8. LiveStrong chalk from the Tour of California
9. A camel paperweight from Egypt
10. My mommy’s present for Mother’s Day

10 reasons I’m thankful to be a runner

1. I’ve done things I never thought possible
2. It’s a great stress release
3. It makes me feel free and like a little kid
4. I get to listen to podcasts and music uninterrupted
5. I’ve made great friends through running
6. It keeps me fit and in shape. Not going to lie, I like looking decent from it.
7. Permission to eat carbs
8. I get to explore new cities and my own city on foot- it gives you a totally different view
9. Racing gives me a healthy outlet for my competitive streak
10. I just like it. That’s it, that’s all.


6 responses to “Number 200!

  1. Happy 200! Love the list!

  2. yay love these lists!!! happy 200 🙂

  3. So how come there’s no…10 favorite runs, or my 10 favorite distances to run…haha! Great list!

  4. Congrats on 200!!! Whoo hoo!
    I LOVE Jack’s! I wish we still lived in Sac just for this place! In the summer, that I was my go to place for summer dinner salads!
    And I LOVE baking – I find that if I bake it, I usually don’t eat it 🙂
    Hope everything else is going well!

  5. We have a lot of the same favorite children’s books. Speaking of books, I bought Racing Weight. Just through the Intro, but so far so good.

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