Weak Week

My long run today was a total disaster. In order to make it happen I had to go at 6:30 AM and I am exhausted. I get up early, so 6:30 is actually kind of late for me but I’m actually so tired that I’ve passed feeling tired and have moved to jittery, laughing inappropriately and have some sweet dark circles under my eyes. But I wanted to get my miles in so I got up and went. As I started on a very familiar, flat route that I usually enjoy I realized I was running more slowly than I have in months. And everything hurt. Badly. My feet, legs, hips, back… it all just ached. Not fun. Plus I felt chubby and sluggish (I’m not chubby right now, I just felt it).

I told myself to stick with it as it usually takes me a few miles to warm up but I haven’t had a long run feel this terrible in years. After 5 miles I took a moment to stretch out and made a decision: I was going to finish the long run and finish it well. At 9 miles I relaxed and my pace finally got down to a normal easy pace. I realized that I’d been carrying the tension of my week and day in my shoulders and legs and all the stress was causing me to alter my form which was slowing me down. And my breathing was really shallow. Once I realized this and let go, everything felt easier. It was a good reminder to chill out a little bit and to remind myself to be mellow while running. Not only is it more enjoyable, it’s faster.

My running week was actually pretty bad. The pollen is in full bloom which means that my allergies are firing on all cylinders and not only can I not breathe, but my eyes and lips get really puffy from being outside. My track workout went ok but my tempo run was a mess. Just couldn’t do it. I ran about 50 miles but the quality wasn’t there. I’m not stressed about it though. Life ebbs and flows and so does running. When life gets nuts, running has to take a back seat. And when life is more mellow, I can focus on running.

I’m considering running a half marathon on Sunday. The course is notoriously hot and I have absolutely no idea what kind of shape I am in, but I’m going to watch the weather carefully and maybe give it a shot. I haven’t run a race longer than 5k since December so I’m curious to see what I can do. If anything, it would be fun. And competition could be a good outlet for my nervous energy.

This week will be busy with work and running but I’m looking forward to fitting it in. I’m determined to get my mojo back and to run a solid week.


7 responses to “Weak Week

  1. Quite the week – it sounds hard on every front. Interested to see if you ended up running the half – my advice would have been to take it easy and get some rest.. It sounds like you need it. Be kind to yourself okay?

  2. Glad you can recognize that one weak week isn’t the be all end all and you still got out there.
    Go ahead a race – sometimes that is all that we need to feel good again – some good competition is always healthy πŸ™‚

  3. If there’s a secret getting-your-mojo-back workout you know, please pass it along!

    Good luck to fighting the allergies and rocking the half!

  4. i hope you hop in that half – even if you “just run” it, i still think it will be fun and help your mojo to see all the people you beat while having a relaxing 13.1 πŸ™‚

    allergies suck. i am seriously thinking about running with a mask on! how hot would that be…

  5. Amazing what carrying tension will do to a run. Glad you were able to settle into a decent pace! Good luck with the half!

  6. half marathon!!!!! RUN IT πŸ™‚ at least for the fun of the race atmosphere – might be a nice change of pace.

  7. Just do the half for training if you do it. Maybe it’s time for a reduced mileage week?

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