I’m doing it.

Thanks to the advice of all of you I registered for the half-marathon on Sunday. I have absolutely no idea what kind of shape I’m in or what I’m capable of. Like, none. Sure, I’ve been working my booty off lately and I’m plenty lean and plenty fit but still, this will be the first half-marathon I’ve run without half-marathon specific training. Still, I’m kind of excited to see what I can do. I don’t need to PR necessarily, but I’d like to. And I think I can. 1:49:50 seems kind of soft and this course is flat, doesn’t have a lot of turns (potentially boring but whatever) and I think I’m stronger mentally. Not that a person is ever prepared for the pain of Mile 11, but bring it on. I eat pain for breakfast.

If anything it’ll be fun to get out there and race. I’ve brought my mileage down this week and oh boy, it’s tough to not run as much! I keep trying to sneak more miles in but I know that’s stupid and so I’m being a good girl and channeling my energy into other things… like sleeping. I slept until 6:45 this morning. Felt like vacation! Then I ran a cute little 3 miles around my neighborhood. Just as I warmed up it was time to stop! I went to yoga and did a track workout yesterday so my legs were really tired but nothing’s sore.

I’m also looking forward to recovery next week, is that bad?

Yesterday (before I decided to go for it) I did the track workout assigned to me. So fun! I ran 300s and we all know I love my short sprints. 10×300 at 6:20 pace. It felt easy, I was consistent and I was happy with the outcome. Plus, I had the entire stadium to myself which is super fun. Makes me feel like a pro or something. Tomorrow I’ll do a short fartlek workout, Friday I’ll rest and Saturday I’ll just jog to loosen up the muscles. Sunday I race!

I’ve still been going to yoga 2-4 times per week and I’m still loving it. My body is a little tighter (that sounds gross but you know what I mean) and I’m enjoying the strength training. Plus, I think it’s helping me gain mental strength. Mostly it’s relaxing. I also realized last night that since I’ve been going consistently I haven’t had to go to ART, physical therapy or even use my foam roller. This is huge, I’ve had to foam roll my glutes and IT band almost every single day for 3 years. Pretty sure it’s the core strength keeping my pelvis stable but I’m sure the stretching doesn’t hurt.

Anyway… Sunday will be fun. I don’t really know anyone else racing and I’m not taking a cheering section but that’s fine too. If I run badly no one will know 🙂


7 responses to “I’m doing it.

  1. Yay! You know I’ll be virtually cheering for you all the way! You’re going to be AWESOME! Have a great time!

  2. You’re going to do awesome!!! I’ll cheer for you from Michigan!

  3. atalantasapples

    That sounds like the perfect combination of low pressure and high expectations — which may sound oxymoronic but it sort of makes sense to me — high expectations that it won’t devastate you not to meet, perhaps! I’m sure you’ll do great; you sound so ready!

  4. yayyy! and you are so going to PR, you totally have it in you… but #1 make sure to have fun out there!

  5. Enjoy Sunday! And I’m with Aron, you will totally blow your PR out of the water! Don’t forget to tweet 🙂

  6. Oh man I need to get myself back to yoga. Good luck!

  7. I assume that is THIS sunday – ie today – so good luck and hope you had a great time regardless of your time..

    And I have just started yoga and can FEEL it helping. So yes do carry on.

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