Figuring out what happened

I’ve been going over and over what could have happened with my calf and achilles during the race on Sunday. I’m kind of over the fact that my time sucked but I’d like to figure out what the heck happened.

I have two theories. One– I noticed my calves were really, really tight on Thurday. I  think I may have gotten dehydrated during yoga Thursday morning and made it worse running Thursday night which caused calf cramping which pulled on my achilles. Two, I stepped on something funny which caused a slight tear or pull. I’m happy to report that it’s feeling a whole lot better and I’ve even run on it. I’m still wearing flats to work but it’s not constant pain and my lower leg isn’t as swollen. Ice is an amazing thing.

I don’t think some forced rest is the worst thing in the world. Just running easy for a week is probably what I need right now. I’m feeling a little mentally burned out. I don’t have any fire when I race. Nothing to prove, no rage to channel and none of that “pop” that makes you want to do well. I’m not in the mood nor do I have the time for a marathon right now and setting big 5k goals seems a little pointless. It’s not, but that’s how I’m feeling. I like training hard. A good, difficult track workout is super fun to me, but I’m so not inclined to channel that into a race right now. Who knows though, maybe a week of rest will have me chomping at the bit.

Plus, I need to put racing into the context of my life. When I was doing well last year running was a very high priority in my life. I thought about it all the time, my schedule revolved around my workouts, I spent time visualizing and planning for my races and I was getting a whole lot more sleep. Right now there are other things sucking up my time, energy and attention (I’ll be back running! Miss you!) and so I think it’s normal that it’s sliding a bit. Which is ok. Like I’ve said a million times, my friends and family really don’t care about my race times. They just care that I’m happy and healthy. And I am.

Anyway, that’s all the notes and thoughts I have today. Kinda melancholy, but real.


3 responses to “Figuring out what happened

  1. It’s a good sign that you can run on it and I think a down week will be great.

  2. It’s good to take down time when you can. Rest and recovery is not just good for muscles, it’s good for your mind and soul too!

  3. Never underestimate the power of resting before an injury explodes into something worse. I know you know how to listen to your body, so I won’t delve out much advice but feel better soon, girl! ♥

    Am I seeing you this weekend for the meet-up run?

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