Life Lessons Learned from Running

Lately I’ve been applying lots of the lessons I’ve learned running to my life. Here’s a sampling of the crazy thoughts that have been running through my head:

1. I was faced with a tough situation that isn’t quite over and thought to myself, “this is like the 2nd mile of a 5k. It’s starting to get really painful, you can’t see the finish line and you can totally blow your race. Run sensibly and don’t freak out. And don’t give away your race in the 2nd mile.”

2. I was faced with another situation that made me want to quit and run away screaming. And I thought to myself, “No. You are the girl who threw up in Mile 10 of a half marathon, finished and then ran 4 more miles. You can do this.”

3. I was questioning my toughness and thought to myself, “self, you get up at 4am to do tempo runs in all kinds of weather. You can do this.”

4. I was upset with my work ethic generally (like the fact that I have been a slacker on my chores at home) and thought to myself, “self, you are the person who runs 50+ miles per week with no particular race in mind and ran 70+ while marathon training. You are not lazy. There’s proof.”

They’re small lessons but they made me smile and got me through the day. Yes, running has given me all kinds of physical benefits but the mental toughness I’ve gained is so valuable. Last night I was getting out of sorts over something that’s actuall small so it was suggested me that maybe I go for a quick run to “reorient my life.” That’s basically a big old hint hint.  3 slow, quiet miles and I was back to neutral. I actually put a sermon podcast on my ipod (new favorite thing– you can hear traffic but still be distracted on easy runs) and cruised around.

I met Team 4:45 this morning for a tempo run that wasn’t very fun. My legs hurt and I was really tired. But I got through it ok and rewarded myself with really yummy coffee. I’m trying to cut back on my caffeine consumption but I’m at peace with a few cups on Team 4:45 days!


5 responses to “Life Lessons Learned from Running

  1. haha i had to giggle when i saw lazy. you are the LEAST lazy person i know 🙂

  2. Excellent post, thanks!! I’ve been feeling blah this week and I have to remember how fortunate I am to be able to run sometimes!! And yes, you deserve coffee for the 4:45 days!!! 🙂

  3. Good one – and I couldn’t agree more that running teaches you stuff you can apply anywhere in life. Before I ran I thought I couldn’t “do” any sports – now I think “what else can I do?”.

  4. Great post! It just goes to show that running has benefits beyond the physical ones.

  5. Love this post! So true! Running is such a great metaphor for everyday life.

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