Some Adventure and Some Fun

Playing with the self timer

Yesterday I had the opportunity to have a little adventure and a little fun. One of the things I love most about NOT marathon training is that I can just run off and do things on weekends without worrying how it’ll affect training. So, I headed off for a day of hiking and fun in Yosemite. Despite living 150ish miles from Yosemite my entire life and absolutely loving the outdoors… I have never been there. I know. And since things have been kind of intense lately I was really excited to have a full day doing something amazing.

I get REALLY happy in nature :)ada Falls. The view was pretty grea

We took off around 4:45 AM and enjoyed some McDonalds coffee and an english muffin on our way up the mountain. It didn’t take long and the drive was beautiful. I think anticipation is half the fun and enjoyed singing along to the radio and waiting to see Yosemite’s iconic sights. We got to the park around 8am and headed to the trailhead.

Top of Nevada Falls

The original plan was to climb half dome but it’s still closed so we chose Glacier Point instead. It’s a 16 mile roundtrip hike– 8 of it straight uphill. And some of it was pretty steep. The first part is the hardest– it’s steep and when the falls are really going it’s super wet and slippery. Because we had so much rain and such a cool spring the waterfalls were going off- and I mean off. But I made it without any drama.

From there we headed to the top of Vernal Falls and then Nevada Falls and had a little moment to eat a Clif Bar and enjoy the view.

It was a gorgeous day: 75-80 degrees, sunny, puffy white clouds and nothing but fun and hiking to be had.

Once we got to the top of Nevada Falls we headed up, down and then up again to Glacier Point. The hike wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t super difficult either. In fact, being out there gave me the itch to hit the trails for some trail running again. We trucked along at a steady clip only stopping to eat the occasional Clif Bar or take a sip of water. No resting!

After about 4 hours of hiking through some really amazing trails we ended up on top of Glacier Point. And we saw this:

Um hello Half Dome 🙂

The Valley Floor

The views were really spectacular and I was just totally in awe of basically everything. So beautiful. After that we headed the 8 miles back to the trail head. Although I haven’t hiked like that in a long time I’m in good enough shape from running all the time that I actually felt pretty good. In fact, I’m not really sore today at all! I mean a little, but it’s not bad. Very manageable. We enjoyed the views from the top and then headed back.

I saw all kinds of wildlife (human and non human haha) and enjoyed how breathtaking the views really are. It was just so, so fun.

After 16 miles of hiking and basically the most perfect day you can imagine we headed to a pizza place in a little mountain town and went at it. Since I’d only had the english muffin, 2 Clif Bars and an apple all day (plus an insane amount of water) I was absolutely starving. It was the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. And I had five pieces. Yes, five. And two beers. And yes, they were the best beers I’ve ever had.

Once again I was so grateful to be in good shape. In fact, we even ran the last mile because we were ready to be done. I also realized when I hadn’t been passed by a single hiker all day long, that maybe I am an ok athlete. I compare myself to a pretty awesome and in shape group of people and compared to the general public I really can do things! haha. We did lots of passing, but no getting passed. Not that hiking’s a race, but… I’m just saying. So fun.

All in all it was my idea of the perfect day. 8+ hours of hiking, 6 of driving and listening to music and a perfect summer day. I love California. For everyone that doesn’t live here… sorry about that. Because it’s amazing here. And if you are here, go to Yosemite. It’s so worth the trip. More photos below because I can.

Being a rebel 🙂

Thumbs up!

5 responses to “Some Adventure and Some Fun

  1. looks like an AMAZING day!!! i MUST go there soon, because i have never been there either!

  2. Looks awesome! What great views! Can’t believe you hiked SIXTEEN miles!!!

  3. That is one of my fav places in the world! Now you have me itching to go! Nice weekend trip!

  4. That looks like so much fun!

  5. I went there last year with my parents and thought it was truly the most AMAZING place – so gorgeous so I’m thrilled you went out there! You’re looking wonderful, incidentally..

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