The one where I whine

This is how I feel about running lately:

My garmin broke and I had to buy a new one. Yucky.

I’m tired of working really hard and not seeing any improvements. But really-

I’m tired of working hard and being sore. It’s not fun anymore. I have no fire to attack the track or roads.

I don’t really want to race. I’m not signed up for anything and there are literally 0 races that appeal to me right now. Not a single distance sounds like a good time.

The last run I truly enjoyed? I don’t remember when that was. Mostly I remember pain, too early in the morning, pain, tired, hungry.

I’m bored of my running routes but with no garmin it’s hard to make new ones…

So as you can see I’m in kind of a yucky place with running. I think I’m working so hard in other areas of my life that I just don’t have anything to give it. Which is okay. I guess. But I miss PRing (although I guess you have to race to PR…), having a goal and knocking workouts out of the park. I’m still running regularly but I’m doing it because it’s what I do, not because it’s what I want to do. If that makes any kind of crazy sense. And I’m not sure how to get out of this stupid funk. I haven’t done a true speed workout (the whole thing) in a few weeks and I just don’t want to work hard. And the result of that is slower speeds which discourages me and then I don’t want to work hard… and I don’t want to race because my time would be embarrassing. awesome cycle.

So anyway, I’m looking for some ideas for funk busting. Thoughts? Keep in mind that until January I can’t commit to a marathon (or even really a half) or triathlon or anything of that nature. So I need something that doesn’t require a concrete date or long, time consuming training plan.

I don’t want to be a whiny runner. I don’t want to feel burned out… but I am!


5 responses to “The one where I whine

  1. I got in that funk when I was training for Boston this year. I got so sick in February and missed so much training and it just felt like a job, something forced, when I finally felt better. My heart wasn’t in it. And I think that it was a good thing, maybe, that I sucked in Boston cuz it made me want it that much more when I returned. You’ll get it back…when your heart feels it again! Sometimes we need these breaks to want it that much more.

  2. Ugh! Your garmin broke! That’s the pits – sorry!!!
    I feel you on the funk – I’ve been there, trust me. And I get that you still run because that is what you do – you’re a runner, even when you don’t enjoy it.
    Right now I can’t stand my running routes – I am making myself drive places and meet people for motivation – not sure if that helps you. It sounded like for a while there you were really enjoying your crazy ass-crack of dawn running peeps – can you get them to help?
    Usually, training for something is what gets us motivated. 5K’s don’t require too much, 10K’s suck, halves are usually decent and marathon training takes too much time. Maybe if you pick a date on your callendar and call it “race day” and aim for that. Pick a distance – like a 10 miler of half and treat it like it was an actual race – only you call the shots. Sometimes just having that hanging in front of you can be really helpful. Good luck! If you ever want a running buddy, let me know! Sacto isn’t that far for me 😉

  3. When I feel like you do I like to remember the quote from the Frayed Laces blog….There will be a day when I can no longer do this, today’s not that day. Also, check out this post…
    It won’t be long before you find it again….

  4. First off – this is okay. You’re never going to be on top of it all the time so if you want your golden days of PRs and successes you WILL have your months of sloggy runs. That’s how it goes. Secondly – you can’t always prioritise running. Maybe when the rest of your life is in overload busy you need to accept that you will need to just tick over. Maybe taking your eye off running for a while and just using it to stay fit and to destress will, strangely, help you find your mojo again?

    Give yourself a break. Come on – be nice to yourself. Take that damn Garmin off. Run for 50 minutes, come home, make yourself a coffee and read a book. That’s good too. It doesn’t always have to be about races and PRs.

  5. Ditto ditto ditto. I am 100% the same right now! It sucks!! This morning/over the weekend I actually thought about quitting, but then I know I “can’t” and then I get moody cause I (currently) hate running and yet can’t give up all at the same time. Sometimes I wonder if I have some weird issues going on health wise but I would have no idea where to start. It’s not like I’m feeling bad – just unmotivated and lazy.

    Anyway.. Unfortunately I don’t have any tips. I’m just trying to slug it out. If I take a few days off, I try to not be so anal about it. Good luck. Let’s both Un-funk soon! We need those good, speedy, reaffirming runs!

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