Better I think

I’m feeling a little better about running now. I had a great long run yesterday– one of those days where I think I could have run forever if I wanted. I didn’t (and judging from my sore legs that’s probably a good thing) but it was enough to remind me why I do this. Since my garmin’s broken I’m not totally sure how far or fast it was but I think it was 16ish. And miraculously (I’d planned on 12) I didn’t even need/want a gu or gatorade or anything! I just ran.

Yesterday’s weather was perfect. It was sunny and warm, but not hot and finally not windy. I ran around my neighborhood, by the river and through some of the course for one of my favorite half-marathons. I didn’t really have a plan or goal but I did want to prove to myself that I’m still capable of a long run. And I’m pretty sure I wasn’t slow- so that was fun. But it was great, I never got bored and just enjoyed the morning. And I didn’t have any profound spiritual revelations or PRs or goals– it was refreshingly ordinary, normal and even a little bit fun. I briefly contemplated a 20-miler just because but a) there’s no need for that b) I didn’t have any water or gu and c) I had things to do and people to see.

After my run I went to yoga and worked in my yard for a few hours so needless to say between all the running and other activities I am totally dehydrated! I’m chugging the water! My legs are sore this morning but the good kind– the kind that makes you feel like you actually got out there and did something. I’m running 800s in the morning and needless to say I am extremely curious how they will go. I haven’t been very good about focused speed work recently but I can usually pull together some decent 800s. And this is a great benchmark workout since I’ve done it so many times. So we’ll see. Stay tuned!


3 responses to “Better I think

  1. Sometimes the best runs are where you just run with no particular distance or pace to hit and really with whatever random course you decide to go. Good luck with your 800’s.

  2. YAY!! Glad to hear that you busted your funk. Nothing like a good long run to make you feel better!

    Keep drinking that water. If your weather is anything like ours, it is brutal out there!

  3. Glad to hear you had a good run after your last post! I love run sans garmin and do so on my routes where I know the distance since I feel like it lets me get into the running zone better 🙂

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