Fun Running

One of the advantages of a broken Garmin is that no matter how fast or slow my runs are I have to run by feel. Which means I’m just motoring around based on my knowledge of my running routes and how my legs feel. So this weekend I went running for fun!

Saturday I met up with a friend of mine at 6am for 7 medium paced miles. It was a beautiful run and felt like it only lasted about 5 minutes. It was hot (in the 100s) all weekend so I was super happy to get it over with. I also went to yoga (and oh boy I am so so so sore) which meant I was one very dehydrated little runner. I thikn I drank somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 ounces of water, if not more, by 2pm.

Saturday night I went to our AAA baseball league game and dinner with some friends and may have had a little too much fun. There were margaritas and staying up late and a hot dog (I have this thing where I actually do like hot dogs but I only eat them in stadiums) and chips and salsa. I wanted to start my long run at 6:30 or 7 but I didn’t get home until about 1am so I waited until 8 am to start. Not the smartest move…

I think I ran 13ish miles… I ran for 1:55 and I was not running fast so that seems right to me. It was a fun run though- I ran along the Sacramento River and watched the early morning wakeboarders catching air, crashing, trying tricks and enjoyed the morning. For some reason I have been craving Coke during my lnog runs. And real coke. The kind with sugar and caffeine and calories and cold goodness. If you’d given me a coke at mile 11 I would be your best friend! The run was super uneventful- just really hot. I think going to hot yoga has helped my heat tolerance, I don’t melt like I used to.

The other thing I’ve been playing with is no gu. I’ve just been running with water and so far it’s been fine. Anything more than 15, races or long tempos I’d probably take one but I don’t like being dependent on gels and sugar so I’m just not having it. I actually think my stomach feels better with nothing in it– I just make sure to have a decent sized breakfast and go. It’s been fun to go running kind of old school- no gels, no ipod, no gps monitor, no heart rate monitor… just put on my shoes, push start and go. I mean, I’m excited to get a garmin back, but the break isn’t the worst thing in the world.

I should have the capacity for a decent training week so I’m excited to hit the track hard tomorrow. Hopefully I do a better job than yesterday!


7 responses to “Fun Running

  1. I have had a week of no training plan and I love it! I go out and run by feel and pick the distance on the fly! I’m really enjoying it. Although, this week, I think I may go back to my plan, but have my recovery weeks be more along these lines.

    I have not been using Gu’s either. Infact, on my trail race I ate salty pretzels and drank a ton of water and Nunn – it worked out perfect and my tummy thanked me 🙂
    Have a great week!

  2. I never owned a Garmin until last year so all my runs, long and speedwork, were solely by feel (and a watch). I even ran one of the best 1/2 marathons of my life last summer when I got to the race and my Garmin was dead and I had to go “naked”. Makes it nice not to become a slave to the watch sometimes. Good luck with the speedwork tomorrow!

  3. i love fun running 🙂 i keep trying to put myself on a training plan this summer and i just dont listen to it, so i am going strictly on fun running until marathon training starts up again!

  4. Keep listening to your body! If not taking fake gu’s is working, that’s pretty awesome. I’m sure you’ll have to fuel at some point, but it’s great that you might be able to use something easier.

  5. My Garmin is broken too. I do NOT consider it fun. Let’s write angry letters!

  6. i’ve been trying to not-depend on gu-products lately too. i’m not saying they’re pointless, i just don’t want to depend on them!

  7. Like the “naked” running. I’ve been running without Gu because I have stomach issues now and nothing seems to agree with me. I do feel I run out of juice though. What do you have for breakfast?

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